high quality mini laser engraver for seal engraving

high quality mini laser engraver for seal engraving

Product description:

high quality mini laser engraver for seal engraving


1-Worktable can be lifting adjustment, head can be lifting adjustment 0-130MM.

2-Sphere of application: It can carve on organic glass, horns, hardwood, rubber, ink pad (permeate printing materials) and all kinds of common nonmetals materials, applicable to seal engraving and crafts production etc.

3-Simple operation: Engraving machines equipped with special software, can design various font, various shapes. If the configuration with scanner, also can satisfy complex pattern of sculpture. In addition, the depth of engraving , the seal size, decorative pattern, the standardized reverse characters, Yin mould and Yang mould etc are optional, convenient adjustment.

4-High efficienc: Use YH - 3040C laser engraver machines, you need only two minutes to arrange a seal , engraving a plastic round of 4 centimeters thinkness only about five minutes

5-Good quality of engraving: High precisio, to guarantee seal font is clear, floor smooth level, frame size accurately.

6-Good working environment: Clean, without noise, can minimize waste and reduce cost.

7-Compact structure: Small size, appearance size is: 800*650*400mm, can put on the desk, particularly save space.


Model RC-3040
Maximum engraving speed 50~400mm/ s
Maximum cutting speed 6-30mm/ s
Maximum range of engraving 300*400mm
laser power 40W
cooling system water cooling system
power supply 220V/ 50Hz
machine size 800*650*400mm

Computer requirements

Above CPU586/300MHZ

Above 32MB memory

Hard disk volume above 1G

VGA color displays

Floppy disk drive, CD-ROM device, mouse, keyboard, each one

Software system can operate and install in the WINDOWS95/98, WINDOWS NT / 2000, and WINDOWS XP environment.