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Lenovo desktop computers dreams F5055 | quad-core A8-7600 4G 500G 2G alone was 19.5 Authentic

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Product parameters:

  • CPU Type: AMD APU
  • Model: Quad-Core A8-7600 4G 500G 2G alone significantly
  • Brand: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Lenovo series: F5055 quad-core A8-7600 2G alone was 19.5 inches
  • color: black
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB
  • Hard drive capacity: 500GB
  • Memory capacity: 2GB
  • Screen size: 19.5 inches
  • Display Type: Widescreen LED
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Hot flagship model dual 6.18 premature detonation! Surprise!

Surprise one: Photographed Free: Camera + Speaker +Beautiful mouse pad + Cleaning Kit + cable + installation disk

Pleasantly surprised Two: free installation system and common software, receiving the connection can be used, allowing you to enjoy 0 yuan that is convenient and efficient service

Pleasantly surprised Three: standard 19.5 inches display Stable machine performance, high-end atmosphere on the grade! Pro mad rush to buy it!

Note: Display swap Description: This single-host for only 2,899 yuan, to replace the 23-inch display, the price only: 3949 yuan, if demand exchange, can inform the customer to change price before payment;

processor AMD A8-7600 quad-core processor
operating system Windows 10 Chinese version
Graphics 2G discrete graphics
RAM 4G memory
hard disk 500G 7200 rpm hard drive
Display description 2014 paragraph 19.5 inches' W LED (16: 9)
Sound Card Integrated sound card
Keyboard and mouse USB Keyboards
data transmission Reader / Integrated Fast Ethernet
Stabilization system

Cooling (dual temperature control) / hard disk shock / power regulator design


Photocatalyst air purification / 360 ° anti-electromagnetic radiation / RoHS lead-free certification

Maintenance Services

Lenovo PC Carer intelligent maintenance system (Service inquiries, intelligent software, intelligent drive, system tools, information push)

Truth back

180W power supply

Lenovo service

Two-year limited warranty and one year on-site service

Special Note:
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