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WAYOS WIDER FBM-220 multi-WAN port intelligent QOS / PPPOE Internet behavior management enterprise-class router

WAYOS WIDER FBM-220 multi-WAN port intelligent QOS / PPPOE Internet behavior management enterprise-class router
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: wayos FBM-220
  • Brand: wayos
  • Model: FBM-220
  • Package Type: Standard Package
  • Color classification: 64M memory version BUCEROS / character color
  • Whether wireless: wired
  • Cable router speed: 100Mbps
  • Wired transmission rate: 10 / 100Mbps
  • Wireless transmission rate: none
  • Network standard: 802.11n
  • Wireless network support frequency: not supported
  • Applicable to: Broadband VPN Router Internet Broadband Dedicated Broadband Router Enterprise Routers Network Security Routers Multiservice Routers Broadband Routers Home
  • USB interface number: not supported
  • Whether to support VPN: support
  • Whether built-in firewall: yes
  • Whether to support WDS: not supported
  • Whether to support WPS: not supported
  • Whether it is detachable: no
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Condition: New
  • Packing volume: new original authentic
  • Gross Weight: 2KG

Baby appreciate

Part of the user interface display

Landing interface: landing IP address, it is recommended to use the system comes with IE browser, login user name: root, password: admin (the bottom of the router can be self-view, other brands of routers also probably the case)

Router main interface

Router Wizard: Recommended for the initial contact with the router can directly use the routing wizard, the basic will.

External network connection type: automatic access to IP, ADSL dial-up Internet (whether it is the previous cat or the current light cat as long as the need to account and password are selected this), static IP address

System status: can view the router IP address, WAN connection status, connection time (outside the network in the end there is no drop can be seen here)

Traffic Analysis: You can view the bandwidth utilization status of each or multiple lines at the same time.

Running status: You can view the router's boot time, and hardware utilization.

Host monitoring: You can view the real-time speed of the host network, use, you can choose to refresh their own, at a glance.

Landing record: you can view each landing time, landing IP, here will not automatically clear, reset the router will not automatically clear, need to manually clear, so as not to take up system memory.

System log: to see whether the network attacks and abnormal network conditions.

Network cable configuration: This location can change the router IP address, if the network which has more routers or guests will use the router, then the proposed changes, so as not to cause IP address conflict.

Multi-support sub-network segment: support 5 IP segments

DHCP server: according to their actual situation can be closed or changed to advanced settings

WAN: This location is basically only fill in the account number and password or is necessary, the other temporarily do not need to change, keep the default. Bandwidth reference value is selected after the router enabled intelligent flow control.

Dynamic domain name: support peanut shell, 3322, each step, open remote control necessary.

Priority setting: Supports application protocol priority and custom protocol priority settings.

Broadband restrictions: support stand-alone, a speed limit, support for application protocols (such as Thunder speed) and custom speed limit.

Control Exception: If the site does not want the speed limit to be set here.

Powerful behavior management

Chat software control: can control QQ, Taobao Want, Fetion, MSN and so on

Behavior management: web page management

Behavior Management: Mail Monitoring

Behavior management: URL management

Behavior management: domain name management, domain name filtering, domain name redirection.

Certification management: support PPPOE certification, WEB certification.

PPPOE server configuration: to keep the default, here to see: only allow the use of PPPOE access check, only the computer dial-up, do not dial the router is not landing, check the router after landing IP address Please use: (ie the address of the PPPOE server)

Authentication management: user to add, support the user MAC address binding user MAC address, support the user speed, support the expiration time, packet, packet flow and other authentication methods, the specific use of the following figure.

Support VPN: support VPN server, IPsec, VPN routing and so on.

Defense configuration: support ARP binding, MAC filtering, connection limit, DDOS defense.

USB sharing: support part of the USB mobile hard disk to share data, and some wireless Internet access.

Advanced configuration: policy routing, notification system, port mapping.

Advanced configuration: port mapping.

Advanced configuration: WAN / LAN interchange, set to WAN = 1, then the LAN has become four, and set the reboot to take effect.

Advanced configuration: The router's account number and password are modified here, and turn on remote control is also enabled here.

Advanced configuration: You can use the UNITA billing platform, WWW.MYWAYOS.NET

Support port VLAN

System maintenance: system control, restore factory settings, restart the router, restart the router regularly.

System maintenance: firmware upgrade, go to the official website to download the firmware, and then choose to upgrade.