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2013 rabbit fur three quarter sleeve medium-long long-sleeve short design fur coat vest Free Shipping

2013 rabbit fur three quarter sleeve medium-long long-sleeve short design fur coat vest Free Shipping
  • 2013 rabbit fur three quarter sleeve medium-long long-sleeve short design fur coat vest Free Shipping
Product code: 24405000001
Unit price: 164.01 USD
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Item specifics

Outerwear Type:
Fur & Faux Fur
Clothing Length:
Sleeve Length:
Three Quarter
classification of:
rabbit fur fabric

Product Description

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Peacock blue . s 84cm99
peacock blue . m 88cm100
peacock blue . l 92cm100
peacock blue . xl 96cm100
peacock blue . xxl 100cm100
peacock blue . xxxl customize100
pink . s 84cm98
pink . m 88cm99
pink . l 92cm99
pink . xl 96cm99
pink . xxl 100cm100
pink . xxxl customize100
taro purple . s 84cm100
taro purple . m 88cm99
taro purple . l 92cm99
taro purple . xl 96cm100
taro purple . xxl 100cm100
taro purple . xxxl customize100
pink . s 84cm99
pink . m 88cm87
pink . l 92cm100
pink . xl 96cm97
pink . xxl 100cm99
pink . xxxl customize100
black . s 84cm100
black . m 88cm99
black . l 92cm100
black . xl 96cm100
black . xxl 100cm100
black . xxxl customize99
beige . s 84cm99
beige . m 88cm96
beige . l 92cm96
beige . xl 96cm99
beige . xxl 100cm100
beige . xxxl customize100
khaki . s . 84cm100
khaki m . 88cm99
khaki l 92cm100
khaki . xl 96cm100
khaki . xxl 100cm100
khaki . xxxl customize100
purple . s 84cm111
blue flowers s 84cm111
rose . s 84cm111
temptation powder . s 84cm111
pink . s 84cm111
purple . m 88cm111
blue flowers m 88cm111
rose . m 88cm111
temptation powder . m 88cm110
pink . m 88cm111
purple . l 92cm111
blue flowers l 92cm111
rose . l 92cm111
temptation powder . l 92cm111
pink . l 92cm111
purple . xl 96cm111
blue flowers xl 96cm110
rose . xl 96cm111
temptation powder . xl 96cm111
pink . xl 96cm111
purple . xxl 100cm111
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pink . xxl 100cm111
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pink . xxxl customize111
yellow . s 84cm rem.111
short design messages s 84cm111
green . s 84cm111
black . s 84cm111
gem blue and s 84cm111
yellow . m 88cm rem.111
short design messages m 88cm111
green . m 88cm111
black . m 88cm1111
gem blue and m 88cm111
yellow . l 92cm rem.111
short design messages l 92cm111
green . l 92cm111
black . l 92cm111
gem blue and l 92cm111
yellow . xl 96cm rem.111
short design messages xl 96cm111
green . xl 96cm111
black . xl 96cm111
gem blue and xl 96cm111
yellow . xxl 100cm rem.1111
short design messages xxl 100cm111
green . xxl 100cm111
black . xxl 100cm111
gem blue and xxl 100cm111
yellow . xxxl customize rem.111
short design messages xxxl customize111
green . xxxl customize111
black . xxxl customize111
gem blue and xxxl customize111
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note : the following information is for reference only . please contact the seller to get the detailed information .

Packaging Details

Unit Type:
Package Weight:
Package Size:
30cm x 20cm x 15cm