Bmw Icom Ista With Software

Bmw Icom Ista With Software

Product description:


Software version: ISTA: 2.36

ISTA/ P: 2.49.3

Within one year free upgrades

software in HDD.

Hard disk: 320GB

Detailed Product Description

ista/ p & ista/ d in one HDD

ISIS ISID ICOM ABC of the latest BMW server version BMW specializing essential all-round version, BMW maintenance, integrated ISID solution, including ISTA-D and ISTA-P, overall equipment offline use, no need to connect to the external network, the version of the virtual machine.
To replace the old section the DIS GT1/ SSS/ OPS and the OPPS
Its features include:
Set code
Supported cars:
BMW full line 1 , 3′, 5 , 6′, 7 , 8′, X , Z', MINI, Rolls-Royce, motorcycle models
Year: 1981 – 2013
e iBase 3.0th0 chassis number: ISTA-VIN 2012-7-11

Computer Optional: Lenovo G470, E430, DELL E5430, DELL E5520, DELL E6420, DELL D630, , DELL E5420

Note: we just can offer the HDD for DELL E5430, DELL E5520, DELL D630, Lenovo G470, e430. If your laptop is other model, then you should send your laptop to us.

Free updating within 1 year ( need the hdd and ICOM A back)