Product description:


Now data for bmw F-serials are added in the software, you can code your bmw F-Serials yourself.

It can code, programmig E and F serials vehicles single module.

1 Interface introduction
1. Currently BMW Master support the diagnosis of E and F chassis such as 3, 5 series.
2. supporting the coding of E chassis.
3. supporting its single module programming of E Chassis.

2: Diagnosis (INPA)
1. diagnosing interface introduction (supporting models) 1 3 X model selection. Other E chassis selection (F5) such as 5 and 7 serie
2. supporting contents
1. the following functions are supported after selecting the models (F1 read error code, F2: clear error codes)

3. Reading whole car error codes (F1)
3. clear error codes of the whole car (F2)

4. Read the hardware information of the controling modules (F3)
5. Read the software information of the controlling modules

3; Programming (KFP)
1. Computer software number can be acquired by software information, or by ISSS, or directly by searching funtion, single modules programming is ok by clicking program

2. Programming successfully
3: Setting codes (NCS)
1. read the SA code in CAS or FRM1, setting code for certain modules or the whole car. It can also revise or add some functions according to customers requirements ( such as revising language, maitenance period, light model and radio frequency)
2. write setting data
After revising, it can set codes for models or permanent code settingfor cars.
5: Language change introduction CIC
1. HiFi (676) configuration and real object pictures

2 MASK/ CCC (BO) software number 9257171 (ISSS 42version)
3 revise SA code 1
4resulting showing
1 english
3 double screen of radio
5 Navigation

6 Languages

7 American to chinese CCC