Solar insect killers | insect lamp | LED Solar Lawn | garden lights | outdoor lamp

Solar insect killers | insect lamp | LED Solar Lawn | garden lights | outdoor lamp

Product description:

Voltage: 1.2 (V) Custom processing: It is
Protection class: IP45 Source Type: led
Types of: Solar Insecticidal Light rated power: 0.06 (W)
model: YK03G Sunshine hours: 8 (h)
Brand: Yi Kun (YK) use: Insecticide moth
life: 100000 (h) Dimensions: 140 * 140 * 420 (mm)

Mosquito lamps works:

Using high technology to convert light energy into electrical energy and stored in the built-in rechargeable cell. Light source with high brightness LED. Lights with automatic light-sensitive function, automatic daytime lights charging in daylight, night lights work automatically.

According to the brightness of the light automatically turns on the high voltage electrode net and hasten light work. Violet lamp produces 380mm wavelength ultraviolet light on mosquitoes and insects have stimulated back strong phototaxis, chemotaxis, wave, chemotaxis color, Taxis features and principles to determine the mosquitoes induction wavelength, using low-temperature plasma discharge generated phototaxis insects excitatory effect of ultraviolet radiation on produce, lure insects toward the light source, the external light source network configuration high kill kill pests, to kill pests purpose.

Work more than 8 hours continuously at full power. In addition, the amorphous silicon solar panels this product is used in rainy days can be charged to the lamp, oh.

Literacy: the benefits of solar lights:

1. Green energy, pollution-free. (If placed inside vegetable, avoid applying pesticides and fertilizers, oh. Light can help to kill insects oh)

2. No cable, safe, reliable, easy to move, easy to place.

3. long working hours, low cost.

The solar panel life 15--20 years, LED light-emitting diodes up to 100,000 operating hours (no need to worry about changing light bulbs, lamp life thing).