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Solar money detector lights | Solar Rechargeable | LED Flashlight | Solar Flashlight

Solar money detector lights | Solar Rechargeable | LED Flashlight | Solar Flashlight
  • Solar money detector lights | Solar Rechargeable | LED Flashlight | Solar Flashlight
Product code: 24337600001
Unit price: 4.56 CNY  (0.67 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Power: less than 1W Item: 12 Power form: Solar
Custom processing: material: plastic Printed LOGO: can
made in China Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony Product Category: Other lighting torches Brand: 12
Power generation: solar charger The number of cartons: 100 outerID: S190025

This product is no need to replace the battery, this product can be placed: the light under the sun light energy into electricity stored to the internal battery, with LED light tube, condenser and good, two sides of the LED lights, the middle Yanchao lights , can be regulated.

This product will be shipped before testing before shipment next small thing to unnecessary trouble, when receipt, please note that this product is no warranty.

Product Specifications:

1, light source: two bright LED lights, a money-checking lamp life 100,000 hours;
2. Materials: Shell using advanced ABS material;
3, Switch: flashlight on the back of the key switch;
4. Size: 6.0 (L) X3 5 (width) X1 (thick) cm;

5, Weight: 0.031KG;

6. Discharge time: 2 hours continuous lighting time;

7. Charging time: 5 hours under the sun can be filled;

* Embarrassment of a sudden power failure ~ ~ ~

I found a flashlight, no battery, embarrassed ~

Battery, long time useless, damaged battery flashlight, more embarrassed ~~~

Trail of lights at night road home is broken, Shiyao could not see, can not see the door key hole?

This product will solve all your troubles

Do not worry about no electricity! Do not worry no place to put!

Solar powered, bright lighting, compact design

Solar flashlight: no batteries, charging in the sun; even without direct sunlight in the room lit place, such as a window, balcony, even under fluorescent, incandescent also rechargeable.

Rainy weather can also use (charging time varies depending on light intensity).

This product uses high-performance solar panels, high efficiency, fast charging, long-life power consumption is minimal.;

Brightness than ordinary light bulbs, and spectrum close to natural light, easy to identify the true color of objects; life of up to tens of thousands of hours, almost without regard to the issue of replacing the lamp.

High quality acrylic shell, lightweight, sturdy and durable. Seal design, it can be used in outdoor environments.

Is a good companion climbing, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities; usually at home can also be used for reading, repair, prevent power failures, etc., a multi-purpose.