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mini torch USB rechargeable LED flashlight | mini rechargeable flashlight | Flashlight | usb flashlight

mini torch USB rechargeable LED flashlight | mini rechargeable flashlight | Flashlight | usb flashlight
  • mini torch USB rechargeable LED flashlight | mini rechargeable flashlight | Flashlight | usb flashlight
Product code: 24337100001
Unit price: 12 CNY  (1.75 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Power: 1w Item No: A01-115 Power in the form: Charging
material: plastic Printed LOGO: can not Custom processing: No
Origin: CHINA Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, anniversary celebrations, other Product Category: Flashlight Brand: MINI
The number of cartons: Advisory outerID: S310025

(Brand): mini-torch
(Specifications): colorful ABS shell, the standard USB socket, waterproof design

(Size): 2 cm in diameter, 5 cm long and weighs 25 grams
(LED): High output 0.5 watt LED
(Function): light and flash warning function selection

(Brightness): 25 lumens
(Battery): Built-in rechargeable lithium battery of environmental protection (without disassembly)
(Charge): normal charging 15 minutes can use 120 + minutes
(Charging indicator): After enchanting red, full power into green light indicates when the normal charge
(Switch): rotary switch, durable, avoid touching accidentally touch the phenomenon
(Packaging): green materials PET packaging
(Accessory): Optional accessories: lanyard, carabiner, gift boxes, etc. (sold separately)
(Scope): compact and colorful new environmental protection science and technology waterproof practical adornment
mini-torch is not just a product. Convenient charging will brighten your life anytime, anywhere. Whether at home, outdoor sports and emergency events, TA is a good companion.

Products have shown a variety of colors, random delivery.

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Mini-Torch Description:
• environmentally friendly rechargeable lithium battery
• light and warning light function selection
• colorful ABS shell and waterproof design
• High output 0.5 watt LED range of up to 50 meters
• Charging 10 minutes of normal use 150+ minutes
• home, outdoor sports and readily available emergency event
After enchanting red, full power when • Green indicates normal charging

Mini-Torch Uses:
• patrol, rescue, emergency. Convenient and more secure.
• Night reading, looking for lost property. Lightweight, fast.
• View house number at night, when the door key positioning.
• nightclubs, parties, concerts. Increase the carnival atmosphere.
• placed on a desk fooled decorative, fine, elegant, fashionable.
• delivery, point of shipment, loading cargo, baggage ... readily available.
• Night biking, night interview. Vision more clearly.
• camping, hiking, hunting, night fishing, mountain climbing, scuba diving. Indispensable.
• compact and sophisticated design, colorful bright colors, is the gift of lovers and friends the best gift.

Daily office: the TA on the carry bag, pocket, or do the work hanging in the neck plate, or the and keys and do not wear together at the waist, to the warehouse to find material, check the computer or the flapper to send off find the corner is lost items, after doubling up and down stairs. 25 grams of weight does not make you feel the burden, just in front of the computer charged.
Home: TA absolutely window sill bookcases desks, etc., etc. The beautiful flower decoration, inadvertently blackout, corner lighting, needle lost under the table, bed tea etc. case, this is a necessary tool handy at home. When lazy chair, BL asked you yesterday, which put the knife Xiaoping Guo, and you do not get up, do not talk, take a look in the whole TA resolved.
On the way: TA both indispensable portable gadget, view the numbers illuminate the stairs, looking for his keys, opened the door to the hole, check the mailbox, ditches treasure hunt, carriage to find things, simple reading ..TA the car is in front of people you inadvertently cool highlights.
Travel: travel, camping, hiking, hunting, night fishing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, check baggage, night ride, night reading, playing a signal, emergency rescue just remind you charged out the door first, who in 1. a trip in more than 120 minutes continuous lighting ah, an electric charge more cases on the list.
Party: birthday party, homecoming, parties, concerts, bars, cafes .. increase joy it!
Gifts: To surprise, TA is the 'highlights'; To likable, TA colorful; be impressed, TA compact and practical, portable memory; to the trend of avant-garde, TA environmental technology .QL They also can choose your favorite color mood.