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E022 9 light bulk flashlights | 9 粒 LED aluminum | bulk | Aluminum Flashlight

E022 9 light bulk flashlights | 9 粒 LED aluminum | bulk | Aluminum Flashlight
  • E022 9 light bulk flashlights | 9 粒 LED aluminum | bulk | Aluminum Flashlight
Product code: 24336800001
Unit price: 6 CNY  (0.88 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Power: ~ Power Type: Battery Material: Aluminum
Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: Origin: Zhanjiang Port
Source form: LED Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, trade fairs, other Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: Neutral Power generation: Battery The number of cartons: ~
outerID: S17100039

Product Name: 9 LED Flashlight Lamp bulk


  • Wind, rain and corrosion! Easily cope with the wild harsh environment
  • Use high-quality battery life (reference time 16 hours - intermittent use of longer) for a long time!
  • Flashlight can withstand 1000 + pounds of pressure, even run over by a car tire, still work!
  • Flashlight with lanyard
  • White micro-fluorescence LED bulbs, lamp life 100,000 hours, almost without regard to the issue of replacing the lamp! Use Japanese imports of high-brightness white LED, low power consumption, high brightness, color temperature of 6500K, spectrum close to natural light, easy to identify the true color of objects.
  • Flashlight with longitude groove to slip!
  • Use of 1.5V 3 on the 7th battery 1.5V'AAA 'size batteries, the LED bulbs are very energy-efficient, do not use large current alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries. (The price does not include the price of the battery, as the guests need to configure 7 battery, can enter the shop purchase batteries, each section of the 7th battery is only 0.26 yuan / Section
  • Use of high-strength aerospace aluminum shell, anodized!
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C!
  • Lamp integrated circuit design closure with O-type apron, strengthen waterproof design (living water)
  • Brightness LED flashlight ordinary flashlight several times, is your outdoor camping, night work and other necessary tools

Product desciption:

`High-tech 9 LED light tube as a light source.

`High-power white LED bulbs, effectively enhance the brightness of about 15-20 times! Light color closer to nature, color vision stronger

`Power pole province, sustainable lighting about ten hours

`Extremely long life, the average life 100,000 hours, lifelong without replacement LED light tube

`Irradiation distance of up to 20 meters.

`Shell is made of magnesium alloy materials, high-strength, low weight

`Strengthen waterproof design (living water), easy to deal with harsh environment field

`End of the push-button switch, more convenient to use

• Weight: about 70 grams (without batteries)

Flashlight Size: Head diameter; 32MM Length: 100MM

• Temperature range: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C

Whole Flashlight appearance Figure: