Factory Direct | 14LED Flashlight | Aluminum Flashlight / West Branch flashlight | Flashlight

Factory Direct | 14LED Flashlight | Aluminum Flashlight / West Branch flashlight | Flashlight

Product description:

Colour: Black Power: Consulting Item: -
Power Type: Battery Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can
Material: Aluminum Origin: Zhejiang Source form: LED
360 degree rotation: No Occasions for gifts: business gifts, opening ceremony, other Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: Neutral Power generation: Battery The number of cartons: Custom
outerID: S17100050

Price without battery and without outside gift packaging

Introduction: Using three AAA batteries Full length: 12.2cm Head diameter: 3.5cm diameter tail lights: 3.0cm Weight: 100 grams

1. The shell is made of high quality aluminum alloy finish (model 6063 aluminum alloy), anodized surface, anti-slip groove design is very tough, high strength, feel good, non-slip and so on. Flashlight can withstand 1000 + pounds of pressure even after being run over by a car tire, still work properly.

2. Use common three AAA batteries, power pole province, sustainable lighting twenty hours (intermittent use of longer). Standard power calibration circuit PMMA lens, high-shaped poly mask, condenser capacity can be more than 90%, irradiation distance of up to 30 meters. The figure is the flashlight can be dismantled effect, self-assembly is also very suitable for repair.

3. Using 14 high brightness LED light tube as a light source, effectively enhance the brightness of about 15-20 times the color is closer to natural light, color vision stronger, brightness of 50 lumens, is much larger than ordinary bulbs and LED.

4. LED lamp life very long, you can use 100 thousand hours, do not consider replacing the light bulb problem as guests to be equipped with this light bulb, can be purchased from the shop:

5. Central push-button switches, easier to use, the outer diameter for holding the flashlight

6. flashlight Brachytherapy light effect is very good, because there is no cup without concentrating so great astigmatism area, very suitable for close lighting, especially at night feeling very bright

7 Packing: white box