5 Waterproof LED Flashlight | Mini Flashlight | Super bright flashlight | Flashlight | gift package together

5 Waterproof LED Flashlight | Mini Flashlight | Super bright flashlight | Flashlight | gift package together

Product description:

Color: green, black, silver Configure charger: No Item No: 3W
Power Type: Battery Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can
Material: Aluminum made in China Source form: LED
360 degree rotation: No Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts outerID: D14100013
Product Category: Flashlight Brand: GOREAD Power generation: Battery
The number of cartons: 240

Price above the price band black ceremony together, if not the ceremony together, bubble cushion packaging, each price minus 0.30 yuan this flashlight has three colors: black gun color army green, can be shipped according to guests' needs, we prepare In stock. If you ordered a one-time 240 guests can also be marking according LOG offers guests.

The company launched the new different color flashlight, while different colors and packages for guests to choose from.

This product is the wholesale price, no bargaining.

Note: You can not use 3.7V 14500 lithium battery, otherwise it will burn flashlight circuit board only with a voltage of 1.6V below the 5th batteries or rechargeable batteries.

1, high brightness white light, beam stability, high brightness LED lamp-shaped straw hat, beam focus and stability.

2, the unique cold aluminum-magnesium alloy casing.

3, using a 5 batteries, power lasting more powerful, it is recommended to use high mAh rechargeable battery, more power, LED brighter, but also affordable. Note (sold flashlight without batteries)

4, high brightness LED lamp life of up to 100,000 hours, lifelong not need not consider replacing the lamp.

5, strengthen waterproof design, easy to deal with harsh environment field;

6, the shell is made of aviation aluminum alloy materials, light, solid, not afraid to fall, not afraid of pressure.

7, switch bottom press type switch.

8, black, military green gun color, anodized, the Pan-cold metallic luster.

9. Packing: We have two kinds of packaging, a gift package together is black, the other is without gift package together exquisite gift package together, detailed gift boxes shown below.

Specifications: Length 9.4cm, body diameter 1.9cm

Exquisite gift box packaging

Using super bright grain of LED, lamp life of up to 100,000 hours.

Waterproof function