Graduated aluminum penlight | pupil pen light | pen flashlight | Medical flashlight | yellow pupil

Graduated aluminum penlight | pupil pen light | pen flashlight | Medical flashlight | yellow pupil

Product description:

Power Type: Battery Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: made in China Source form: LED
360 degree rotation: No Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, opening ceremony outerID: S240002
Product Category: Flashlight The number of cartons: 500

The yellow

Comparison with pupil

FIG comparison with the scale and pupil (pupil diameter control chart should be marked correct diameter: 2mm 2.5mm 3mm 3.5mm 4mm 4.5mm 5mm 6mm

Pen flashlight for the latest products, the use of high-quality crystal pen, the imported machine tools, molds and refined. Pen crystal with advanced circuit board control, bright, concentrating well, energy saving and environmental protection, and durable. God products by scientific design, elegant appearance, bright colors, but also resistant to crushing, pressure, and durable.

I. unique polishing technology enables pressurized pen body is smooth, soft colors, there are blue, red, purple, silver, green random random delivery

II. Yellow light conducive to observation oropharyngeal color changes, moderate light intensity, check pupillary light reflex will not damage eyesight.

3. This product is suitable for nerve examination, within neurosurgeon essential supplies. Also apply to the majority of emergency department physicians and nurses is also easy to carry on your camping trip in a compact physique to carry, small stature to great use!


1) Please note the installation location put away the positive and negative battery.

2) When using the pen body to avoid too heavy shocks and Zhongshuai avoid damage bulbs.

3) When the battery voltage is insufficient to use, should be replaced to prevent deterioration and corrosion of the product. In order to avoid voltage instability burned lamp beads

4) Replace the battery switch in position, according to the order of dismantling the components.

5) Please put a cool dry place, avoid the sun and rain.

Note: Before we will carefully check each shipment before giving delivery, please rest assured purchase!

Dimensions: Diameter 1cm, length 13.5cm

Use bulb: 2.2V crystal pen

Battery: two AAA batteries (sold this product does not contain batteries, click here to buy batteries)

Packaging: white carton individually wrapped

Material: durable alloy material