Supplying E023 super bright night lights / 9LED flashlight / luminous flashlight / hand pressure flashlight

Supplying E023 super bright night lights / 9LED flashlight / luminous flashlight / hand pressure flashlight

Product description:

power: - Item: - Power Type: Battery
Custom processing: Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can
Origin: - Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, trade fairs, other outerID: S17100043 Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: Neutral Power generation: Battery The number of cartons: -

Product Name: Glow nine aluminum flashlight


  • Wind, rain and corrosion! Easily cope with the wild harsh environment
  • Use high-quality battery life (reference time 16 hours - intermittent use of longer) for a long time!
  • Flashlight can withstand 1000 + pounds of pressure, even run over by a car tire, still work!
  • Flashlight with lanyard
  • White micro-fluorescence LED bulbs, lamp life 100,000 hours, almost without regard to the issue of replacing the lamp! Use Japanese imports of high-brightness white LED, low power consumption, high brightness, color temperature of 6500K, spectrum close to natural light, easy to identify the true color of objects.
  • Flashlight with luminous fireflies non-slip rubber, feel very comfortable.
  • Use of 1.5V 3 AAA batteries 1.5V'AAA 'size batteries, the LED bulbs are very energy-efficient, do not use large current alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries. (The price does not include the price of the battery, as the guests need to configure 7 battery, can enter the shop purchase batteries, AAA batteries each only 0.26 yuan / section http:? // item.htm id = 2830335304
  • Use of high-strength aerospace aluminum shell, anodized!
  • Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to + 50 ° C!

Brightness LED flashlight ordinary flashlight several times, is your outdoor camping, night work and other necessary tools

Very small, very practical!

We have yellow, pink, blue, green, four-color, very beautiful it can only be because the batch is not the same color random hair Oh.

Please buyers understanding!

Let us observe close to the point ..

Split map! Note illustrates, three AAA batteries, this product is not attached to the battery, please do not use alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries.

Outside rubber is luminous Oh!