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Wholesale Nanfu Central High-slot universal charging / 8650 Battery Charger / stoped 65g

Wholesale Nanfu Central High-slot universal charging / 8650 Battery Charger / stoped 65g
  • Wholesale Nanfu Central High-slot universal charging / 8650 Battery Charger / stoped 65g
Product code: 24331600001
Unit price: 11.5 CNY  (1.68 USD)
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Input parameters: - Output parameters: -
Custom processing: It is model: Double charge
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery outerID: S110005
Brand: Central High Charging current: - (A)
certified product: - Dimensions: - (Mm)

Nanfu Central High 18650-slot universal charge 145,001,643,010,440 full automatic stop universal lithium battery charger Nanfu double charge, and can charge two 18650 batteries.

Charging method: Insert the batteries according to polarity, plug in electricity, lights in red enters the fast charge, due to the rapid charging of the battery capacity to adapt to a variety of low capacity and high internal resistance of the battery, it will adjust the charging speed, the battery is fully charged After the lights turn green or flashes slowly, the battery can be long on the charger.

The universal charger built-in intelligent identification circuit, can automatically identify NiMH / Li-ion, and intelligently select the corresponding charging mode charging, patented progressive control, can adapt to various manufacturers of various capacities of rechargeable batteries, accuracy of 1% Built-in various protection, battery reverse polarity, wrong equipment, intelligent protection.


1 battery can not hold against, not with lithium batteries NiMH / NiCd rechargeable hybrid, or it may be damaged.

Two pairs of initial discharge of the battery is not charged, the charger trickle supplement over a period of time after the transfer charge.

Dual-slot high-speed - Central High Universal charger from the stop speed

Suitable for various sizes of lithium-ion rechargeable battery (flat, convex head can).

Product features: patented design, charging more reliable.

1. Automatic recognition and conversion of a variety of 3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, automatic stop charging.

2. Current, Vmax testing, full of self-stopping display, protect the battery.

3. When charging the red light, full of turns green, automatically stop charging Go to trickle supplement, long-term plug-in spare.

4. Comprehensive protection features, the battery installed anti-short circuit is not charging, the lithium battery is not charging misplaced.

Technical Parameters

* Packaging Format: Paperback

* Input voltage: 110-240V, 47-63HZ (world power)

* Charging current: (a nameplate current is correct current)

3.6-4.2V / 900mA (3.6-4.2V lithium-ion battery)

* Charging Specifications:

Sliding groove loadable battery dimensions: length 70 mm diameter (height) 34 mm

1. Nominal 3.6-4.2V various lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, such as LIR123A, 18650, etc.

A charging reference time, 2 times doubled, resistance high into slow charge, the time will be extended a lot