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360 degree holder | Flashlight grip | 3W flashlight | Flashlight lamp holder | Bicycle clips

360 degree holder | Flashlight grip | 3W flashlight | Flashlight lamp holder | Bicycle clips
  • 360 degree holder | Flashlight grip | 3W flashlight | Flashlight lamp holder | Bicycle clips
Product code: 24330700001
Unit price: 2.7 CNY  (0.4 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Model: No Brand: Neutral
Working voltage: No Protection class: High
Material: Plastic Customized processing: Yeah
Overall dimensions: 44*44*85mm (mm) outerID: S130048
Input power: No (w)

Product description:

(Name) bicycle lamp clip (material) ABS (color) black (size), 44*44*85mm (net) 34g car holder product details

Equipped with flashlights details:

(Product brief) 1. the retaining clips at the bottom, interface available screws fixed to the bike for easy lighting 2. Built-in adjustable toothed interface fixation 3, when used with LED flashlight or other, lamp clip level 360 degree rotation, pitching with tightness can also adjust 4. Suitable for Tube body diameter DIA 24-28mm flashlight barrel Diameter of small flashlights, rubber Has led flashlights can be firmly fixed; Suitable for Base diameter For axle DIA 25-28mm, Axles are smaller in diameter, plus plastic sheets So that it can be firmly fixed.

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