Genuine Nanfu | two 26650 battery charger | Central High special double universal charger 110g

Genuine Nanfu | two 26650 battery charger | Central High special double universal charger 110g

Product description:

Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery model: Universal charge
Brand: Central High Custom processing: It is
outerID: S110009

Xiamen Nanfu - Central High Universal charger from the stop

Suitable for various sizes of lithium-ion rechargeable battery (flat, convex head can be), the product features: patented design, charging more reliable.

1. Automatic recognition and conversion of a variety of 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.6 / 3.7V a variety of lithium-ion / lithium iron phosphate rechargeable batteries with 1.2V NiMH / nickel at the recognition, filled Automatically stop charging.

2. Current, Vmax testing, full of self-stopping display, protect the battery.

3. When charging the red light, full of turns green, automatically stop charging Go to trickle supplement, long-term plug-in spare.

4. Comprehensive protection features, the battery installed anti-short circuit is not charging, to prevent ordinary batteries.

Special Note: The charger current indicators, while not high, some manufacturers write 600mA lithium battery charger charging much faster, for as long as two hours more, for as long as six hours 18650 more than 14,500, not like other standard models 500mA charger have to charge 12 hours.

Technical Parameters

* Input voltage: 100-240V, 47-63HZ (world power)

* Charging current: (a nameplate current is correct current)

3.6V / 500mA (3.6-3.7V lithium-ion battery)

* Charging Specifications:

Sliding groove loadable battery Dimensions: 67 mm long with a diameter (high) 34 mm

1. Nominal 3.6-3.7V various lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, such as LIR123A, 18650, etc.

2. Nickel 1.2-1.25V of nominal compartment / nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, large (1 # / D No.) No. 2, 2 / 3-5 / 4AA (5 #), 2 / 3-5 / 4AAA ( 7 #), 2 / 3-7 / 5F6, F8 and other rechargeable batteries. with fixed voltage control, the high resistance of the battery charge quickly turn slow flash, slow flash and other light into both fully charged.