R010 CR123A Battery | Digital Camera Battery 1400MAH Lithium Battery

R010 CR123A Battery | Digital Camera Battery 1400MAH Lithium Battery

Product description:

Dimensions: `(Mm) Standard voltage: 3 (V)
Applicable Model: CR123A Application type: Cameras, camcorders
Custom processing: It is model: CR123A
outerID: S290011 Brand: lasting
Charging current: 0.8 (A) certified product: SGS
Rated Capacity: 1400 (mah)

  • Model: CR123A
  • Battery capacity: 1001-1600MAh
  • Mode selection by the warranty: Shop three packs
  • Battery attributes: brand non-original batteries

This battery is a disposable lithium batteries, can not be charged if guests forced to charge this battery will produce an explosion and fire risk, so please do not charge this battery.

1) Rated voltage: 3.0V

2) Rated capacity: 1400 mAh (10mA / 2.0V)

3) the rapid discharge current: 800mA

4) termination voltage: 2.0V

5) Maximum continuous current: 2000mA

6) Operating temperature range: -20 ~ + 60 ℃

7) SHELF LIFE: ≥ 10 years, the annual self-discharge rate ≤ 1%

8) Note: battery positive and negative short-circuit between the non-charging, forced discharge, crush, disassemble; Do not use new batteries or mix different types of batteries; non-welded directly to the battery positive and negative, non-battery positive and negative reversed.
Widely used in camcorders, cameras, flashlights, intelligent security systems, etc. according to customer requirements OEM production of various brand batteries, but also processing a variety of pin battery and fine packaging card linked to the battery, to meet the different levels of end customer requirements.