Flashlight Charger 18650 smart charger | Charger Universal Charger 14500

Flashlight Charger 18650 smart charger | Charger Universal Charger 14500

Product description:

Input parameters: AC100-2400V / 47-63HZ Output parameters: 4.2V / 500mA
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery model: YH-015
Brand: Mu Ye certified product: 3C
Custom processing: It is

Smart Charger 18650 145,001,634,010,440 dedicated lithium battery charger, etc.

Tactical Flashlight dedicated Smart Charger

(Baby parameters)

Suitable for various sizes of lithium-ion rechargeable battery (flat, convex head can).

Product features: patented design, charging more reliable.

1. Automatic recognition and conversion of a variety of 3.6V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, automatic stop charging.

2. Current, Vmax testing, full of self-stopping display, protect the battery.

3. When charging the red light, full of turns green, automatically stop charging.

4. Comprehensive protection features, the battery installed anti-short circuit is not charging, the lithium battery is not charging misplaced.

Technical Parameters

* Input voltage: 110-240V, 47-63HZ (world power)

* Charging current: (a nameplate current is correct current)

3.6-4.2V / 900mA (3.6-4.2V lithium-ion battery)

* Charging Specifications:

Sliding groove loadable battery dimensions: length 70 mm diameter (height) 34 mm

Nominal 3.6-4.2V various lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, such as LIR123A / 18650/16340/14500 lithium batteries