Authentic Abu alpenstock cane | 7075 telescopic travel ultralight hiking stick cane outdoor equipment | Wholesale

Authentic Abu alpenstock cane | 7075 telescopic travel ultralight hiking stick cane outdoor equipment | Wholesale

Product description:

Color: purple, yellow-brown, white clouds color Order number: ABD-3-8011 Material: Aluminum
Origin: Ningbo Weight: 240g (g) Product Category: trekking poles
Brand: Abu Dhabi Length: 620-1350 (mm)

Alpenstock Refers to the auxiliary equipment when used in climbing. Trekking pole allows outdoor climbing through activities to bring a lot of benefits, such as improved walking stability, reduce the burden on the leg. According to the study, the use of trekking poles when walking can reduce at least 22 % administration legs and knees and other muscle and joint strength, so that the legs feel more comfortable! And use two trekking poles can provide better balance. do not forget not find the trunk, it can be made with waterproof cloth canopy set up pickets.

Damping design: Is there a way Alpenstock reduction design, spring is commonly used by it will reduce the wrist, arm and shoulder when using vibration, shock device can be freely opened or closed, when the general uphill... closed down the mountain open. (normal when cane when tightened with damping function, then just unscrew the middle of the back 10 degrees, you feel it click is heard, the damping function is turned off)
One end of the spring is fixed at the bottom of the conical member, the other end is fixed in mountain battle battle pole. When the impact force climbers suffered battle over a certain range, softened member urging the tapered member do compression movement along the axis of the spring, effectively reduce the impact of mountain battle suffered.

Alpenstock maintenance
There was a time when not, the best trekking poles apart to hold down upright opening, so that the water inside slowly flow out. If the twist is not open, gently pat the locked position, or will get trekking poles wet, reduce the number of friction, you can unscrew the trekking poles smoothly.
Rotation lock alpenstock often occurs a problem that the grommet struts will follow within the strut rotation can not be locked, because such failures are mostly dirty grommet, as long as the strut apart, then thoroughly grommet Cleaning after putting it back problems can be solved.