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Seven whistles | Outdoor multifunctional whistle | Lifeguard whistle | Multifunctional flashlight

Seven whistles | Outdoor multifunctional whistle | Lifeguard whistle | Multifunctional flashlight
  • Seven whistles | Outdoor multifunctional whistle | Lifeguard whistle | Multifunctional flashlight
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Brand: Oki Customized processing: Yes Print LOGO:
Material: ABS Carton quantity: 300 Origin: China
outerID: S27120004

Seven multi-purpose survival whistle/(South) compass/LED lights/magnifying glass/mirrors/thermometer/seal cartridge

Original export products multi-function outdoor survival whistle (VII) survival. Compact and easy to carry! strong!

Dimensions: length 9.7CM 2.8CM

Color: Army Green

Weight: 70 g

Material: ABS high falls high temperature materials

1, catch high-pitched survival whistle

(?  scoops Sam ⑸  question by Ms Groove steep Meng Jian    TAM ?

2, refers to the North (South) needle

(Highly accurate, clear at a glance)

3, high precision thermometer
(Faster and more accurate the first time current temperature)

4, survival reflective signal mirrors

(Use sunlight reflection to search and rescue personnel indicates your current location)

5, kindling a magnifying glass

(Case no fires in the wild, can use the magnifying glass focusing the Sun's principle, the sunlight is refracted to Bacillus subtilis, leaves on fire, rather than ' drilling wood to make fire ' OK ~ ~ HA ~ ~)

6, Gao Baiguang LED flashlight

(In the wild under the premise of no light, emergency lighting systems, LED bulb life 10,000 hours)

7, sealed cartridge

(Before travel can be placed inside your own life: write your name, address, telephone number, blood type and so rescuers had to grasp your situation for the first time)

8, nylon lanyard

(More convenient to carry)

(Battery replacement)

To take things apart, the middle part look inside the mirror, is behind the LED lights, there is a screw, it is certainly a place for coin-cell battery.

Survival whistle using standard:
Survival whistle is not obligated to in times of distress, such as Hu to behind the front to determine roughly how far, determine which direction the other sound sources around, and so on and so on ... ... But, this among exists a problem, is sometimes climbing Shi just rise blow Xia whistle, blow more has, everyone also are didn't think what Yao has, heard others blow also didn't want to blow has, himself go himself of, then once who of feet twist has, or where need help has, or middle pulled have far of new donkey encountered junction not know how Yao go has, blow whistle when no people response is very worried of things, because other people also thought didn't occurred what Yao thing, himself busy with silently hard of pulled mill, no too more of time to talk has, Like the Wolf story.

Symbol explanation: • short (seconds), • • • long (more than 3 seconds); Directive whistle interval 2-3 seconds, interval between orders for more than 30 seconds (such as repeated instructions needs an interval of 30 seconds or more)
Communications (t): • • • (one long tone) is used for voice communications team contacts to determine each other's whistle position, sent representatives received instructions on receipt of whistle commands (similar to those of propaganda Hey ~ ~ ~ ~ ~)
The collection (u): • • • • • (two short and one long) toward the whistle collection (similar to those of propaganda collection ~ ~ ~ ~)
(V): • • • • (one short, one long) issued on behalf of the whole team when the rest based on the March sent representatives to speed (similar to those of propaganda Chong AH ~ ~ ~ ~)
Former team wait (w): • • • • • • • (one short and two long) used in the procession when the distance is too long, require before and after waiting (similar to those of propaganda, please ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~)
Request support (s): • • • (short) when in trouble need to ask for help issued signals to communication tone is received (t) replied that they will go to support (shout with urgent! nasty! nasty! same)
Distress (SOS): • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • (three short and three long and three short) which is the International SOS code, please remember

Notice for use:
Compass must be held horizontally, using and placing a compass when not near ferromagnetic objects, power lines and electromagnetic devices, so as to avoid errors and to reduce sensitivity of the compass

Specific reference is as follows:
• Barbed wire) is 10 metres
• High voltage line) 55 m
• Car or plane) is 20 metres
• Away from strong magnetic objects, such as magnets, magnetic horns outside) 10 m
• From weak magnetic objects such as magnetic snap closure), 0.5 meter
• Acrylic convex mirror and when you cover stain stick, white cloth or absorbent cotton wipe surfaces and, if necessary, use toothpaste to Polish