Supplying | triple compass / rescue whistle / thermometer / multifunction whistle | belt lanyard

Supplying | triple compass / rescue whistle / thermometer / multifunction whistle | belt lanyard

Product description:

Are Luminous: No Whether the water: No Item: -
Material: - Custom processing: Origin: -
outerID: S27120005 Scope: hiking, camping, other Product Category: Compass
Brand: see description Function: Other

Mouth whistle, thermometer, compass, triple

(Using liquid-filled compass, higher precision)

When you get lost in the forest, the whistle is the best tool to help you send the signal. Periodically whistled energy required is much less than the shouting, and high-pitched whistles spread farther.

(Product Features)
1, high-decibel survival whistle (whistle loud)

2, refers to the North (South) pin (highly accurate, clear at a glance)

3, thermometer (faster and more accurately the first time to grasp the current temperature)

4, nylon lanyard (carry more convenient, rope about 40cm (can be hung around the neck)
Weight Approx: 20g
Length of about: 63mm
Width of about: 30mm

Side with a thermometer:

The other side with a compass:


Use about survival whistle (reprint)

Survival whistle not necessarily in distress, when available, for example to make a move back in front of Hu, probably separated to determine how far, and determine each other about which direction the sound source, etc., etc...... But this Among exist a problem that sometimes rise when climbing just under the whistle blowing, blowing more, we also did not feel Shiyao, and hear others do not want to blow blew himself go its own, then who once twisted foot a, or where the need for help, or pulled away in the middle of the intersection encountered new donkey does not know ruffle go, blow the whistle when no response is very anxious thing, because other people thought things did not happen Shiyao own busy quietly pulling hard grind, we do not have much time to go to Dali, and like the wolf story.

Symbol Description: • short sound (within one second); • •• long tone (three seconds or more); inner instruction whistle interval of 2 to 3 seconds, the interval between 30 seconds or more instruction (such as repeatedly sending commands needed at intervals of 30 seconds or more )

Communication (T): • •• (one long tone) for the team's voice communication links between each other in order to determine the orientation of the whistle, issued on behalf of the command is received after receipt of the whistle command (with the propaganda fed ~~~ ~ ~ similar)

Set (U): • • ••• (one long and two short) in the direction of the whistle set (with a collection of friends ~~~~ similar propaganda)

Forward (V): is issued • ••• (one long, one short) rest behalf of the team departure, issued on behalf of traveling to accelerate progress (with propaganda Charge ~ ~ ~ ~ similar)

Former team waits (W): • ••• ••• (a short two long) for the team to travel long distance is required to wait before the team after the team (with propaganda, etc. Please wait ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ similar)

Requirements Support (S): • • • (3 short) when it comes to difficulties to seek help issued by the received signal to the communication tone (T) response that will go to support (with urgent anxious similar propaganda!!!)

SOS (SOS): • • • ••• ••• ••• • • • (three short three long and three short) which is the international SOS code, please memorize

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