F16 blue fishing lights | Night fishing lights 5W dual light source | Rechargeable 6-speed zoom | Fishing lamp with digital LCD

F16 blue fishing lights | Night fishing lights 5W dual light source | Rechargeable 6-speed zoom | Fishing lamp with digital LCD

Product description:

outerID: D16150004 Brand: GOREAD Item No: F16

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F16 fishing lights Kit: F16 + fish fishing lights a lamp bag a + charger 1 + 1 + triangular truss boxed

Passers outdoor Message: 2013 production and sales of domestic fishing lamp basically completed the transition from the ordinary to the intelligent, the next few years fishing lights are intelligent mainstream trend (including intelligent time display and Smart Zoom), Advanced Intelligent Fishing lights, night fishing help you gain more happiness! Buy now, will not fall behind, in front of the fishermen have a face, gifts and more upscale, outdoor passers-by to create Taobao / Lynx mall most cost-effective fishing lights, limit free shipping, lowest whole network, absolutely to the force!
Lamp beads: imported LED chip package (blue light beads / white light beads each one) (5W)
Lamp beads life: 100,000 hours (theoretical value)
Battery capacity: 7500 mA (three high-performance lithium battery 18650)
Life time: 15 hours light, 30 hours of light, low light 60 hours
Charging time: 10-12 hours
Range: 0-100 meter Best
Stalls: two kinds of light (blue light / white) each 3 files (light / light / low light)
Switch: 1 Press the On / Off 2 Press and turn on the lights change color according to the state switch gear half (strong / medium / weak interchangeable)
Waterproof performance: life waterproof rating, drizzle in work, heavy rain with caution
Dimensions: Length 165mm / rear about stretching a length of approximately 175mm / head diameter of about 61mm / rear diameter of about 51mm
Whether the time display: Lamp equipped digital display, you can always check the remaining time
Whether Zoom: freely zoom, adjustable aperture size
Packing: high-grade color box packaging

(2013 latest, goread f16 fishing lights, intelligent digital zoom)

1 * Imported digital circuit chip intelligent dimming, touch switches can achieve six-speed loop becomes light (blue and white various stalls)

2 * Adopt imported constant current chip, lighting a long time, constant current discharge, consistent brightness
3 * with full intelligent battery management chip, accurate detection and display of battery capacity

Digital display and long battery life: high (light) 15 hours / medium (light) 30 hours / low (low-light) 60 hours

Long 12-hour digital display charge

4 * Use T6-6061 aviation aluminum surface hard oxidation treatment, CNC machining molding / process fine / durable
5 * Imported high brightness LED, color light blue white / blue white free conversion, a range of 200 meters of white natural light wavelength, close to natural irradiation effect, achieve better fish gather effect; 450nm wavelength blue, without any harm to the body, and penetrates weak, do not disturb the nest / not scared of fish
6 * 18650 large-capacity lithium battery, long life, can be repeatedly charged and discharged more than 1,000 times, and with a top safety valve to prevent short circuit / over-charge and over-discharge, protect the battery, extending battery life

7 * Lens spherical optical condenser lens, will not shatter and concentrating effect

goread f16 fishing light is a domestic high-end smart product, using the current domestic most advanced technology into

Its outstanding advantages:
1 * Adopt imported constant current chip, constant current discharge, consistent brightness (high intensity light 15 hours, 30 hours of light, low-low-light 60 hours); the light is more rounded, better concentrating effect, other sections of the fishing lights are Xuming chip is the use of light is gradually from strong to weak

2 * lens optical spherical lens design, but also shatterproof anti-scratch, other sections of the fishing lights were powered by plexiglass and plastic lenses, f16 lens drop leading durability

3 * design using intelligent digital display, clear to see the fishing lamp power usage, intelligent charging display

4 * Intelligent zoom, focus function, adjustable aperture size to meet different environments use

-Technical Parameters-

1 * LED constant current chip imports
2 * 5W lamp beads imported, not less than 100,000 hours lifetime
3 * optical lens Lens
4 * aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, hard oxidation treatment
5 * Length: After the 165mm / telescopic length: 175mm / headlamp diameter: 61mm / Tail Diameter: 51mm
6 * Weight: 446g
7 * Ambient temperature -20 ℃ to 55 ℃
8 * grade waterproof rain