Rechargeable dual light source fishing light / blue Fishing Lamp Fishing Lamp | LED Flashlight blue

Rechargeable dual light source fishing light / blue Fishing Lamp Fishing Lamp | LED Flashlight blue

Product description:

Brand: GOREAD Item: dual light source made in China
outerID: S220001

1, imported digital circuit chip 1st Smart Dimming (a blue one white Bailan Guang each gear).

Note: black, silver sent at random

Length: 14.2cm, body diameter: 6cm, full-length stents: 20.5cm, put away long: 14.5cm, net weight of 400 grams.

2, the use of T6-6061 aviation aluminum surface hard oxidation treatment, CNC machining molding, sophisticated technology, durable.

3, high brightness LED, light color, white and blue light free conversion

Do not disturb the nest, do not panic fish, especially for fishing large fish.

4, using high-capacity lithium batteries 18650 terpolymers, can be repeated charge and discharge 500-1000 times.

5, automatic smart charger, battery charging and discharging process to ensure the monitoring and protection of the battery, extending battery life.

6, imported constant current chip, lighting a long time, such as the end consistent brightness.

Technical Parameters

1, imported chips, Prynne double 5WLED, life expectancy of not less than 100,000 hours.

2, lighting time (Bai Languang): 8-10 hours

3, the charger: 4.2V 1-1.5A constant current smart charger, and red and green conversion refers to the light, red for charging, green is fully charged.

4, Battery: 4.2V6000mAh lithium ion battery.

5, the use of ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.

6, intelligent charging and discharging, the battery automatic protection circuit.

Instruction manual

1, fishing lamp switch design for two open two closed cycle repeated

2, do not worry about the use of over-discharge of the battery is damaged, when the battery is running out, the protection circuit will automatically cut off the power.

3, when charging, the charger indicator is red, turn green when full. When the green light is on, the best rechargeable 1-2 hours.

You can extend the battery life.

be especially wary

• Use and storage should avoid high temperature and humidity place.

• Do not direct light eyes, light is too strong so as to avoid damage.

Proposed matching private car charger is equipped with the company produced • When configuring car charger, so as to avoid parameters do not match, causing light damage.


Do not wait after the exhaustion of the battery is fully charged, it will destroy the battery. !! Result can not be used in the course, when the lights dim should be timely charge !! non-professionals can not be disassembled.