GOREAD blue fishing lights | 3 AA batteries blue light | Fishing dual light source lamp 380g

GOREAD blue fishing lights | 3 AA batteries blue light | Fishing dual light source lamp 380g

Product description:

Power: 5 Item No: A1-229 Power Type: Battery
Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: No
Origin: Zhejiang Source form: LED Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, other
Product Category: Flashlight Brand: Neutral Power generation: Battery
The number of cartons: may be set outerID: S16150002

This product includes: GOREAD blue fishing lights +5 + flashlight battery holder bracket.

China's first high-quality name brand GOREAD professional blue fishing lights Professional for export to European markets. Now the bulk ex-factory to supply the domestic market is very affordable, comparable to 100 yuan Fishing dual light source lamp, the same import 5W blue LED bulbs.

1. Light body with aviation aluminum, waterproof, shock, wear.

2. Imported high-power 5W lumens bulb lamp life over one hundred thousand hours, can last a lifetime without consider replacing the lamp.

3. Comes with stents, stent 360 can be freely adjusted up and down to meet the needs of different illumination angles.

4. Light compact body, frame can be removed, more convenient to carry.

5. The power to ensure that the brightness of the lamp but also ensure that the irradiation distance, the effective radiation from 60 meters.

6. The use of three on the 5th battery-powered, continuous lighting up to 5-8 hours. (Please note that this product does not contain batteries) can also use rechargeable batteries since the purchase, if the outdoor night fishing days, it only needs a few more prepared battery pack can be.

WHY use blue fishing lights, have nay benefits?

1, floats can be effective reflection fluorescence, so that visible.

2, because the wavelength of blue light reasons, will not disturb the fish.

3, prolonged gaze without feeling tired.

4, special light color phototaxis to attract fish better results gathered so night fishing.

5, preferably blue light, harmless to human body (purple harmful).

Taobao's best-selling Blu-ray fishing lights, has sold thousands of (due to zero Taobao monthly sales currently only shows the 400), but a strong evaluation is not going away, praise has reached 600, indicating minimal sales also thousands of, factory direct sales, strong price, eliminating the profits of each channel, so that consumers have to buy the lowest price would be so good baby, following is some screenshots product evaluation, more than 600 evaluation is essentially praise OUR favorable rate of the industry is relatively high, indicating that the factory's quality and service to the majority of buyers are recognized.

It refers night fishing lights fishing, in order to see the floats subtle movement, need to use special lamps illuminated on floats made visible, in order to accurately determine the situation of fish, fishing lights lamp is used in this case. In short, fishing lights is fishing at night, do not frighten the fish, while watching drift with lamps.

Fishing light as traditional lamps segments, the market is rare, its technical content is higher, for development of technology, material selection, process management, quality control, performance such as lighting levels, lighting time, charging time, life etc. have higher requirements, loving man night fishing quality requirements are high, shoddy products to gain a foothold in the market.

According bleaching effect depends mainly on fishing light lamp beads, lamp beads fishing lights currently on the market can be broadly divided into several uses: 1. The traditional halogen beads; 2. Xenon lamp beads; 3. ordinary LED lamp beads; 4 . Special LED lamp beads; these types of lamp beads indeed have their own characteristics:
Light is yellow, the lighting power bigger and more intense. In contrast, the principle of the lamp according to drift fishing easiest, with lights and high intensity light on the floats, make it visible. But the disadvantage 1. Halogen issued Clearly also, obviously due to the heat, the use of long-lasting lamp beads loss burn easily, bring along a few spare when night fishing. Low light levels too dim to see clear, too bright and eye injury and is likely to cause interference to other people.
2. Most of xenon lamp beads user is converted from night fishing enthusiasts from individuals, and the use of high-capacity batteries as a power source. This fishing light high brightness, long range, long discharge time, life is relatively long. According to drift principles and halogen beads, like a direct hit by the lights on the floats and make it visible. Such a lot of anglers fishing lights to choose from, the disadvantage is too bulky lamps, according to the bleaching efficiency depends on the light intensity.
3. The general drift of LED according to the same manner as a halogen lamp beads, light color more white. As a cold light source, LED is widely used in various fields, the advantage of high brightness, low-calorie, low power consumption, good stability, long life.
4. Professional fishing lights special light color LED lamp beads, there are two kinds of hair blue and purple with the market. Different lamp according to drift fishing with this principle more than a few, special light color can be effectively reflected floats tail phosphor, visible manipulation of fishing at night. This makes night fishing in principle, not too bright lights which can effectively determine the status of floats and does not scare fish underwater, affecting night fishing results.
Purple fishing light fishing light with respect to the blue, the higher efficiency fluorescent reflection, but purple is the shortest wavelength of light, the light transmittance of the strongest, but also the organisms most harmful light radiation on the human body will be excessive to produce serious consequences cancer.

Because of the shortcomings of the above light exists, has a unique advantage of blue light fishing lamp become the most professional choice on the one hand, Blu-ray, there will be no adverse effects on human harmless;! On the other hand, the blue reflective of floats effect after the violet, blue fluorescence reflection effect is obvious, neither too strong, but too weak to even reach not reflective enough to see floats requirements.