Factory outlets | Supply 8LED highlight pen light | wide scope

Factory outlets | Supply 8LED highlight pen light | wide scope

Product description:

Color: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, black Power: 2W Configure charger: No
Item No: SK064 Power Type: Battery Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can Material: ABS Origin: Ninghai shop
Battery capacity: 4.5V Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: Is
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, awards commemorate fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, public relations planning, other Product Category: Flashlight Power generation: Other

Product parameters:

Product Size: 16 * 1.6CM

weight: 28G

use 3 Festival 7 Batteries

8 A highlight led

Pen with magnet

Product details:
Tail button switch, then press 8LED light off. This product uses 8-bright LED lighting, white hair, light effect is obvious, can be used to travel at night lighting, lighting for night work. Pen entrainment magnet, the user can directly work at night gates or lights adsorbed on metal frame, magnet strong adsorption capacity, fixed effect is obvious, user apply.

Must not lighting the lamp to the human eye, this product belongs to highlight LED, the human eye will cause burns.

Product positive picture: The product has 8 bright LED

Product side picture: magnetic entrainment pen

Product pen entrainment magnet, can be adsorbed on the metal frame, strong suction

A variety of colors with a display box: simple and beautiful display box, aspects, supermarkets and other places for sale

A variety of colors Picture: black, red, yellow, blue, pink

Night lighting effects: High bright LED illumination, the effect is obvious

Lights when not in use, please try to remove the battery to prevent battery drain caused by battery corrosion.