Waterproof outdoor flashlight long shots CREE | LED rechargeable flashlight third gear zoom wholesale

Waterproof outdoor flashlight long shots CREE | LED rechargeable flashlight third gear zoom wholesale

Product description:

Colour: Black Three dimming: light, low light, strobe Configure charger: No
Product Number: MW-Q5 Power Type: Battery Custom processing:
Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can Origin: Ningbo
Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, trade fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony
Product Category: Flashlight Brand: Mu Ye Power generation: 18650 rechargeable lithium battery
Whether Zoom: Yes

Note: The above price is the price of single flashlight

Mechanical zoom flashlight Package
Product Name Order quantity (1-20) Order quantity (20-100) Order quantity (more than 100)

Single flashlight

18.5 yuan

17 yuan 15 yuan

(1 electric 1 charge) a flashlight 18650 lithium +1

+1 Battery charger direct charge

28.5 yuan 27 yuan 25 yuan

Gift Box (1 electric charge + 1 Car Charger

+ Flashlight sets + boxes)

35 yuan 33.5 yuan 31.5 yuan
NOTE: The product price is the price of single flashlight, if the customer needs more packages then you can contact customer service, customer service photographed single flashlight to modify the price, the number of packages and remarks customer needs, after payment warehouse picking shipped secretly photographed payment. The default issued a single flashlight.

1, over-discharge: torch light is weaker, you still impose the use, if the flashlight little light is gone, that got you battery burst, which is called the over-discharge Remember, all lithium batteries are a kind. as long as you had put on a lot of damage to the battery. Remember! Remember!

2, overcharge: Relatively speaking over-discharge, overcharge the battery damage will be smaller, if the special charge and damage will be smaller, but we would not direct charge, direct charge is the battery installed in the flashlight in direct charging, so charge time is generally 3-5 hours, and if too much can also charge the battery to about six hours, and if something nothing like hanging in there best to buy a special charge pro-charge, with the protection of that kind. Overcharge charging time is much higher than the a predetermined time, causing damage to the battery!

3. Overheating: are some chemicals inside the battery, when subjected to high temperatures accelerate the chemical reaction, a single cell is best not placed in high temperature (40 degrees C) and place in hot places charge, this will affect battery life!

4, corrosion: battery surface and internal protection is limited, at some high strength corrosion caused by failure to protect the environment quickly, so the damage to the battery!

Flashlight Caution:

Prohibition eyes look light, to avoid damage.

This product is non-toy, do not let children use.

(common problem)

Q: The flashlight is not bright ruffle do?

A: First, make sure the problem is where, respectively, from several aspects confirmation: Whether the battery is normal (if there is a multimeter can measure the voltage, the voltage in 2.75V above); bulb and circuit board is normal (if the side has the same style flashlight, through exchange about confirmation, first counterclockwise twist head lights, then scissors or needle-nose pliers (preferably with him) Squeeze the bulb align the two holes on the hoop, rotate counterclockwise, so that you can remove the bulbs and circuit board to confirm and check the cable is disconnected from the Weld phenomenon; switch is normal, if it is confirmed by the above both cases, it is certainly a question of switching (that got the switch How to replace the? first remove the bulb and the circuit board, with two holes aligned with the buckle on the needle-nose pliers, remove the retaining ring, so that you can switch out, and then the switch cap on the switch hole, the switch Alignment grooves into the flashlight, a clasp with needle nose pliers to install electric start, and then the light bulb and the circuit board is mounted inside, and finally tighten the cap clockwise).

Q: This flashlight waterproof it?

A: The rainy day normal use and temporary immersion in water (although the use of the sealing sheet put on the charging hole seal in place), but do not for diving lighting.

Q: How to use third gear lighting?

A: When turned on, the light touch of a switch, and then tap what is low light, and the third under the strobe function.

Q: need to charge then use it?

A: Please charge 2-4 hours before use, lithium battery most afraid Overdischarge, please develop the habit usually charged.

Q: The light bulb is broken ruffle do?

A: 10W hours of bulb life, if unfortunately really bad, you can buy or optional at the restaurant in the electronic market.

Q: Can I buy a spare batteries?

A: Absolutely.

Q: What is the lithium battery overdischarge?

A: The brightness significantly weakened also continue to use, battery caused damage even after professional activation, power will be significantly reduced, so usually please note battery maintenance, nothing more charging.