The new titanium silver + luminous cap GOREAD C8 Q5 Flashlight | C8 flashlight 150g

The new titanium silver + luminous cap GOREAD C8 Q5 Flashlight | C8 flashlight 150g

Product description:

Power: Consulting Item No: A01-204 Power in the form: Charging
Custom processing: Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can
Origin: Zhejiang Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: business gifts, anniversary celebrations, the opening ceremony, other outerID: TYC8001 Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: Neutral Power generation: Battery The number of cartons: Advisory

Titanium Silver C8 flashlight Package

Product Name

Order quantity (20-49)

Order quantity (50-99)

Order quantity (more than 100)

Single flashlight

33 yuan

32.5 yuan

32 yuan

1 1 electric charge: flashlight + ring of high charge + battery

45.5 yuan

45 yuan

44.5 yuan

NOTE: The product price is the price of single flashlight, if the customer needs more packages then you can contact customer service, customer service photographed single flashlight to modify the price, the number of packages and remarks customer needs, after payment warehouse picking shipped secretly photographed payment. The default issued a single flashlight.

Product Name: The new titanium silver + luminous cap GOREAD C8 Q5 Flashlight

Baby Description:

C8 deepen aluminum cup light far brighter further super flashlight

Height 31.5MM light cup, greatly deepened, stronger penetrating power, light more concentrated.

Specifications: (mm) 145 mm (full length) x25 mm (diameter of the barrel body) x45 mm (head diameter)
Weight: 145 (g)

2. Using the most advanced dual switch design, can directly off, you can also tap to switch gears, heavy press directly off

3. Circuit: Five-speed dimming dimming circuit.

Five-speed dimming: high - medium - low - Baoshan -SOS

A. light, 480 lumens brightness, 800MA -1200MA

B. light, 240 lumens brightness, 350MA-450MA

C. dim light, brightness of 100 lumens, 100MA

D. Baoshan, 248 lumens brightness

E.SOS, SOS international distress signal (three short / / three long / / three short)

Shift method, the thumb tap the tail switch can shift.

First of all, this is an upgraded version C8 traditional C8 is used orange peel reflector cup, orange peel pattern of benefits is floodlight effect, softer spot, but the drawback is the reflection of light when there is a larger decline, to a certain extent affect the brightness, while exports to Japan, orange peel are generally used in the Japanese market prefer soft spot, famous RICHIA (Nichia) bulb because it is soft illumination renowned international market.

This factory has made improvements in production at the time, the use of aluminum glossy light cup, concentrating effect stronger, reducing the reflection of light in the process of decay, can output up to 248 lumens super beam is bright flashlight hobby of choice Oh!

5-speed dimming mode, you can meet different lighting needs, very humane.

The most important thing now exporting hundreds of Q5 bulb on the network market, many consumers do not have professional measuring tools and conditions to identify, so are available Q4, Q3 flashlight and even lower levels of fun, really spent a pen money wasted.

Warning: LED bulb high light lighting, non-toy, please stay away from children over 3 seconds! Bell long close look into the light source may cause eye diseases (such as floaters, etc.), please be sure to pay attention