3W rechargeable flashlight glare | long-range Wang | High Power Flashlight | 3W Flashlight | Aluminum Flashlight

3W rechargeable flashlight glare | long-range Wang | High Power Flashlight | 3W Flashlight | Aluminum Flashlight

Product description:

Colour: Black Power: Advisory Service Configure charger: Yes
Item No: 3W Power Type: Battery Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can Material: Aluminum made in China
Battery capacity: 3200 Light form: bulb 360 degree rotation: Is
Occasions for gifts: business gifts, awards commemorate the anniversary celebrations Product Category: Flashlight Brand: GOREAD
Power generation: Hand pressure The number of cartons: Advisory Service outerID: QG00102

The above price is the price of single flashlight

Parents who must see before you buy: This flashlight is equipped with a battery of 18650 model, after parents who received the goods, please use the electric battery flashlight in low light when charging, the charging time is approximately 3-4 hours . (charging time is not too long, otherwise it will damage the battery) is fully charged, the case of the use of bright light around 3 hours (OUR section flashlight as a reference, the specific time by flashlight on the model).

product description:
** Burst flash flashlight chosen the world's most quality materials with precision. Strengthen the waterproof, shockproof design, make the flashlight normally used after 3 meters underwater immersion, at an altitude of three meters after also falling normal use in switch design approach using the most advanced pre-touch digital control technology which enables flashlight loop in light / low light / strobe In the charging method using a charging mode side, configure a dedicated car charger, all chargers are converted with charging indicator.

Waterproof test, has good water resistance, here to remind parents who it is not waterproof diving Oh, if the pro dive into the water a long time inside, more or less water into the point oh.

We look at the effect depends on the actual parameters more!

The flashlight is bright or not bright buyers please read the self-evaluation really making plans!

Flashlight marked OUR sell real brightness, long battery life, light color pure transparent white, perfect concentrating effect! Is doing engineering industry, field sports, excellent aids!
Advantages of the flashlight: small size, light weight, portable, durable, all-weather use with features, light strong, direct distance, strong or weak light optional, light - long-range, low light - a recent photograph; Strobe - burst flash.
Top oxide titanium strengthen attack - hit - head design, you can replace in case of emergency safety hammer used to smash windows to escape.


1: The shell is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy, with high resistance to impact and resisting ability with offensive design.

2: direct charge without removing the battery while charging, convenient and simple.

3: Three switch, with light / low light / strobe function with a practical, efficient, energy-saving features.

4: light source adopts high power 3W LED, high brightness, long life and other characteristics of high-capacity battery, no memory, no pollution lithium battery.

5, This product is convenient and practical, suitable for family standing;
6, special operational needs (such as levee patrol, search, site inspection, first aid at sea, night observable, etc.);
7, outdoor activities (hiking, camping, rescue, hiking, etc.);

Tactical Flashlight Caution

Lamp do not often disassembled, so according to the reflective glass or bulb damage

Tactical Flashlight Maintenance Considerations

Please flashlight daily routine maintenance when in use, so that it can continue to provide you with high quality services.

1: Each with a clean, soft cloth to wipe the torch after use

2: When your flashlight when contaminated seawater or corrosive liquids promptly wash with water, and with the point of a hair dryer.

3: When screwing the cap and the tail cap is not smooth, please coated with a small amount of grease at the interface

4: flashlight when not in use, remove the batteries, stored in a cool place.

Outdoor lighting sets a necessary self-defense