Stretch darkening flashlight | CREE focusing flashlight | aluminum rechargeable flashlight

Stretch darkening flashlight | CREE focusing flashlight | aluminum rechargeable flashlight

Product description:

Power: ` Product Category: Flashlight Brand: Neutral
Power in the form: Charging Power generation: Battery Material: Aluminum
The number of cartons: Custom Origin: Zhejiang Source form: LED

Product Name: CREE Q3 bright LED flashlight zoom (single flashlight)

The above price does not include the 220V mains charger and non-rechargeable batteries price.

Product Specification:

Use of light: imported CREE Q3 bulbs

Converging beam maximum brightness: 260 lumens

Astigmatism beam maximum brightness: 160 lumens

Power: 3200 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery

Case Material: Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6 hard surface

Lens Material: imported UCL lens sheet

Continuous lighting time: 3-6 hours

Dimensions: Overall length 155mm * handle 26mm (head diameter 34mm)

Weight: about 150g about

The bottom of the flashlight: flashlight at the bottom of this paragraph do not configure the compass.

In addition to the zoom, as well as section flashlight third gear mode adjustable

Along with super waterproof function, it is all-weather all-weather type. Equipped with top brand Pearl 18650 lithium-ion battery provides strong impetus to fully support the needs of large-capacity flashlight, batteries when you are camping, or dark warehouse Language or aisles, checking circuit line, bring a small flashlight While, it emits bright pure white beam not only allows you to see the environment, but everything is still holding true colors; flashlight strong hand tail rope, flashlight allows you to pull on the wrist is not easy to throw off, professional translucent glass lenses, scratch resistant, single grain LED light, condenser, can effectively concentrate the emitted light gathered housed point, the beam is more powerful, irradiation distance farther than 1 mile visibility reach, about 100 m direct real! luminance beyond your imagination, is dark most effective portable light source! shell made of high quality aircraft-grade aluminum material finish, barrel length 160mm, spotlight Diameter: 34mm, body diameter: 26mm, compact, weighing only 145 grams (without batteries), anodized surface, anti-slip groove design is very tough, high strength, feel good, non-slip unique advantages. sidewall conductive, absolutely not appear ordinary flashlight poor contact, flickering phenomenon neck portion third gear button switch, not only to facilitate one-handed operation, and will not malfunction switch.

Zoom presentation charts: