C12 passers glare rechargeable flashlight | remote lighting | Flashlight | C11 flashlight 150g

C12 passers glare rechargeable flashlight | remote lighting | Flashlight | C11 flashlight 150g

Product description:

Color: black, silver Power: Advisory Service Configure charger: Yes
Item No: C12 Power Type: Battery Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can Material: Aluminum made in China
Battery capacity: 3200 Light form: bulb 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: Business gifts, anniversary celebrations Product Category: Flashlight Brand: GOREAD
Power generation: Hand pressure The number of cartons: Advisory Service outerID: D11100005

The above price is the price of single flashlight, excluding charger and non-rechargeable batteries price.

Name: C12 Flashlight

Weight: 155g

Length: 147mm

Material: Aircraft aluminum

Bulb: CREE Q5

Light Cup: Aluminum Light Cup

Switch: tail button switch


1. United States the latest CREE LED light color is white, measuring up to 350 lumens, long life, at a range of 200 meters, big cup light bulbs, condenser effect! Lamp life up to 100,000 hours.

2. Circuit: five-speed dimming dimming circuit.

Five-speed dimming: high - medium - low - Baoshan -SOS

A. light, 350 lumens brightness, 800MA -1200MA

B. light, 180 lumens brightness, 350MA-450MA

C. dim light, brightness 60 lumens, 100MA

D. Baoshan, 350 lumens brightness

E.SOS, SOS international distress signal (three short three long and three short)

Shift method, the thumb tap the tail switch can shift.

3. The voltage input range of 3.7, CREE LED operating current is 700mA.
4. Battery 18650 battery compatibility, 3000mAh capacity battery high amount of time for more than three hours.

5. Condenser system: smooth reflective aluminum metal cup.

6. Case Material: Aluminum

7. The United States original CREE Q5 the highest level of power LED, cost is very high up to 350 lumens

Five-speed light Illustration: