GOREAD C29 light Rechargeable LED Flashlight | C8 / C11 flashlight wheelbase 200g

GOREAD C29 light Rechargeable LED Flashlight | C8 / C11 flashlight wheelbase 200g

Product description:

Power: 3W Item No: C29 Power in the form: Charging
Custom processing: Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can
made in China Source form: LED 360 degree rotation: Is
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, opening ceremony outerID: D11100010 Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: GOREAD Power generation: Charging The number of cartons: 100 / Box

The above price is the price of a single flashlight, you need to contact customer service to purchase other accessories.

Name: C29 Flashlight (C8 / C11 flashlight upgraded version again)

Weight: 200g

Length: 175mm

Material: Aluminum

Bulb: CREE Q5 import light bulb

Switch: key switch

Light Cup: Aluminum Light Cup

Five-speed dimming: (light, dim light, low light, strobe, SOS)

C29 to C11 flashlight flashlight long-wheelbase, and C11 flashlight configuration under the same premise, the key changes to the front end of the tail button switch round tail shape changes, lengthened 25mm in length on the basis of C11.

C29 flashlight factory for the production of a specific make, specifically for some of the long hand big hand adult men use, C29 holding up feeling better, NA me everything is natural coordination.

A distinction: C29 C11 length 25mm length ratio

The difference between 2: C29 of the cap made of high quality aluminum alloy material, more smooth and delicate atmosphere than C11 of the cap, feel better.

Distinguish three: C29 use straight type, relative C11 uses an external universal rechargeable more convenient and safe.

Distinguish four: C11 switches in the rear, and C29 of the switch at the front.