Passers | C11 light led | rechargeable flashlight | C8 flashlight upgraded version | 5 files dimming 157g

Passers | C11 light led | rechargeable flashlight | C8 flashlight upgraded version | 5 files dimming 157g

Product description:

Color: Silver Power: Advisory Service Configure charger: No
Item No: C11 Power Type: Battery Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can Material: Aluminum made in China
Battery capacity: 3200 Light form: bulb 360 degree rotation: No
Applicable gift-giving occasions: advertising promotions, awards to commemorate the opening ceremony outerID: D11100015 Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: GOREAD Power generation: Hand pressure The number of cartons: Advisory Service

Note: The above price is the price of single flashlight

C11 Flashlight Package

Product Name

Order quantity (20-99)

Order quantity (100-199)

Order quantity (200 or more)

Single flashlight

35 yuan

34 yuan

33 yuan

Three-piece: (+18650 flashlight + ring of high charge batteries)

45.5 yuan

44.5 yuan

43.5 yuan

NOTE: The product price is the price of single flashlight, if the customer needs more packages then you can contact customer service, customer service photographed single flashlight to modify the price, the number of packages and remarks customer needs, after payment warehouse picking shipped secretly photographed payment. The default issued a single flashlight.

Compared to C11 and C8 obvious feature is: stylish, fine workmanship, design ingenuity, the better the light and beauty of the perfect combination, we believe C8 C11 will continue to write the myth that you need a flashlight to act now!

Act now ...

Often buy flashlight C8 flashlight buyers should know Taobao is very hot, this section is an upgraded version of the flashlight C8 C11, ultra fine workmanship, feeling big upgrade, 5-speed dimming meet different needs, imported CREE Q5 bulbs, ? Joe anti delicate shell fence value line and Mei Gui sigh hungry  11 flashlight Taobao shop is currently in the first shelves. prices are already low, buyers friends do not miss this opportunity Oh, please look for this later C11 flashlight Factory registered trademark GOREAD brand, quality and after-sale protection. The following trademarks are registered trade factory, does not have this mark is counterfeit, the pro buyers friends attention.

Product description as follows:

1. United States the latest CREE LED light color is white, measuring up to 350 lumens, long life, at a range of 200 meters, big cup light bulbs, condenser effect! Lamp life up to 100,000 hours.

2. Circuit: five-speed dimming dimming constant current circuit.

Five-speed dimming: high - medium - low - Baoshan -SOS

A. light, 350 lumens brightness, 800MA -1200MA

B. light, 180 lumens brightness, 350MA-450MA

C. dim light, brightness 60 lumens, 100MA

D. Baoshan, 350 lumens brightness

E.SOS, SOS international distress signal (three short / / three long / / three short)

Shift method, the thumb tap the tail switch can shift.

3. The voltage input range of 3.7, CREE LED operating current is 700mA

4. Battery 18650 battery compatibility

5. Condenser system: smooth reflective aluminum metal cup

6. Case Material: Aluminum

7. The United States original CREE Q5 the highest level of power LED, cost is very high up to 350 lumens