D007 CREE Q3 flashlight / rechargeable flashlight / 3 files dimming flashlight 155g

D007 CREE Q3 flashlight / rechargeable flashlight / 3 files dimming flashlight 155g

Product description:

power: - Item: - Power in the form: Charging
Custom processing: Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can
Origin: - Light form: bulb 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, trade fairs, other Product Category: Flashlight Brand: Neutral
Power generation: Battery The number of cartons: - outerID: D11100026

The above price is the price of single flashlight, excluding charger and rechargeable battery icon

Selection of the assessor's US Shinshu square bulb, condenser strong, can effectively see 250 meters from the target.

Having a third gear function, light, low light exposure flash

The price of the whole Taobao Best, this Shinshu US original CREE (square) light bulbs, condenser strong, effective lighting distance of 250 meters, is like a flashlight Favorites of the best, generally the market price of similar products in the 150 -200 yuan so, this product-oriented factory Division bulk sales price, no bargaining please customers not to waste time price.

At the same time the shop in order to thank all new and old customers love, and combine current market trends, especially on the compass flashlight models were further improved and improved, mainly for the following four aspects:

1. The shop and factory jointly launched the adaptation capacity of 3200mAH which flashlight 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, battery packaging color is gray (gray for low internal resistance, high capacity, stable working conditions). The original is 2400MAH capacity.

2. Taking into account the actual needs of some customers, we omit some unwanted flashlight accessories we introduced three-piece in this:. CREE flashlight one, 220V power charger one, 3200MAH capacity of a rechargeable battery 18650

Detailed three-piece:

Three-piece accessories 1: Using US CREE Shinshu square bulb, this bulb condenser strong, lamp brightness can reach 180 lumens, the highest brightness level of the same type of flashlight.

Having a third gear function, light, low light exposure flash

Tail without a compass

Flashlight handle positive and negative pattern identification:

3. The price performance ratio Taobao highest.

4, circuit board design has been improved, so that greater stability, lower power consumption.

5. The tail of thread when tightening the bottom is very easy, and uses a double sealed waterproof design, and the shell of the also strengthened a lot, put the battery case is not exposed.

Lighting effects

1 Front flare effect (eyes face cap effect)

2. The condenser is very good, one meter is irradiated, the beam was a dot.

3 20 m irradiation effect, the light remains circular spot, spot a little big, but very good light.

450 meters away irradiation effect, very clear

Lamp: CREE3W power LED super brightness, long life and other characteristics
Beam brightness: 180 lumens
Power: 18650 high reserves of lithium-ion battery without memory (used with punch) and with overcharge and over discharge circuit design

this Flashlight use High reserves of 18650 lithium-ion battery without memory Non-ordinary rechargeable batteries can compare. Please carefully identify the time of purchase!
Material: Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6 Flashlight special aluminum, precision CNC machining.
Surface treatment: hard anodic oxide black
Lens Material: imported UCL lens
Lighting time: 120 to 380 minutes
Dimensions: 155mm long handle 26mm (head diameter 34mm)
Weight: 145g (without batteries)

Charging: carry two dedicated lithium battery smart charger, you can choose AC220V 12V charging or car charging in different environments and with overcharge instructions to convert light

Solid-state high-power light source LED, light emitting brightness up to 180Lm above, irradiation distance of up to 250 meters or more, the service life of up to 100,000 hours, lighting time 180 ~ 380 minutes, the battery cycle life of about 1000 times. It can be said is never damaged flashlight!


Dimming, with light / low light / SOS flash, three functions can be arbitrarily switched.

Attack head design: as a distress situation can be used for fire hammer use; aerospace grade aluminum production, conquering)!

Flashlight Caution:

Prohibition eyes look light, to avoid damage.

This product is non-toy, do not let children use.

Rechargeable flashlight received first after about four hours and then, when the positive and negative charge do not engage in counter (if found insufficient light, generally about 1/3 the highest brightness, please immediately charge!).

Lamp do not often disassembled, to avoid reflective glass or bulb damage. Lamp parts for the IC system, the bulb also is soldered in, non-professional integrated circuit board can not be repaired, when the flashlight factory already calibrated focus, so please Do not unscrew because in some cases will affect the flashlight focus, later if unscrew, adjust the cap nut correcting its own focus, your attention, please!

Tip: Once the shine because all power lithium battery is likely to be scrapped after, so do not use the time to run out of battery power (when used close to the dim brightness must be closed and re-charge before use).

Charging time: 2 to 3 hours (charge complete indicator light tips); do not avoid overcharge and over discharge; when positive and negative charge do not engage in anti-
Attention! Do not hold against the positive and negative! Otherwise, may cause torch scrapped (positive with a '+' sign toward the flashlight head).