Buy 1 get 1 Buy 2 boxes get glue Taiwan handmade false eyelashes 216 transparent Terrier | Nature | Eyelashes

 Buy 1 get 1 Buy 2 boxes get glue Taiwan handmade false eyelashes 216 transparent Terrier | Nature | Eyelashes

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • False eyelashes / utensils classification: the entire pair of false eyelashes
  • False eyelashes Terrier Category: Plastic transparent Terrier
  • False eyelashes style: cross section
  • False eyelashes material: rayon
  • False eyelashes Length: 0.5cm (including) -1cm (free)
  • Brand: Honeycode
  • Name: 216 #
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Efficacy: Comfort length natural ease
  • Origin: Chinese mainland
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin

[1] Buy 1 get 1 box shot sent 2 boxes, 2 boxes shoot 4 boxes of hair so buy more to send

Beat boxes and sent over a bottle of glue

Natural paragraph, transparent stems, bare makeup novice! Seiko imported chemical fiber preparation to create a natural bare makeup magic eye effect suitable for any occasion wear natural-looking enough real ones!

Brand: HoneyCode
name: Handmade false eyelashes transparent stems 216 #
specification: 10 pairs / box
Materials: Rayon

There are no plastic carton
For the crowd: Daily love to stick false eyelashes, big eyes like MM

Baby description: # 216 false eyelashes senior medical fiber material, handmade professional production, natural cross short paragraph, and native lashes the fit is very good, enough real ones, is not an exaggeration, but it highlights the eyes of infinite charm.
Easily create fine girl next door style supernatural makeup models, natural densified effect on the single fold or double crush for exceptionally natural, extended middle relations, increase a sense of deep eyes, suitable for nude makeup use and recommend it to some of the more subtle novice crush.
Ultra-fine workmanship can be used repeatedly. With different color of eye shadow and makeup, no matter what field are nobody even knows you use false eyelashes, really 'At this point there seems to be no makeup makeup' is to attend PARTY, performing artists, live makeup , personality makeup essential good partner!