Genuine passers S5 mini straight flashlight CREE Q5 Flashlight | 18650 five-speed 80g

Genuine passers S5 mini straight flashlight CREE Q5 Flashlight | 18650 five-speed 80g

Product description:

Power: 3W Item No: S5 Power Type: Battery
Custom processing: Material: Aluminum Printed LOGO: can
Location: United States Light form: bulb 360 degree rotation: No
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, trade shows, public relations planning outerID: D11100020 Product Category: Flashlight
Brand: SureFire Power generation: Hand pressure The number of cartons: Advisory

S5 Flashlight Package

Product Name

Order quantity (20-99)

Order quantity (100-199)

Order quantity (200 or more)

Single flashlight

25.5 yuan

25 yuan

24.5 yuan

Three-piece: (flashlight +18650 battery + Universal Charger)

40 yuan

39.5 yuan

39 yuan

NOTE: The product price is the price of single flashlight, if the customer needs more packages then you can contact customer service, customer service photographed single flashlight to modify the price, the number of packages and remarks customer needs, after payment warehouse picking shipped secretly photographed payment. The default issued a single flashlight.

The old section is no longer for sale

2011 new authentic passers-by S5 mini powerful, refined in one Flashlight debut

Note: You must use a battery 18650 battery, not an ordinary AA battery

Flashlight S5 type parameters
Case Material: Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
Finish: Hard Anodized
Source: US imports CREE Q5 LED, 5 speed dimming
Dimensions: Length 116MM, 23MM diameter is very small, easy to carry
Color: Titanium Gray
Power supply: one 18650 rechargeable lithium battery

Waterproof rating: IP67
Operating voltage: 3.7-6V
Working current: 800MAH
Irradiation distance: 180 meters

Spot diameter: 1 m in diameter at the irradiated spot 9-10CM
Brightness: 280 lumens
Switch mode: tail waterproof button switch

Bright light and low light, dim light, flash, SOS five-speed adjustable! (Hereinafter lighting diagram)