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Supply | Fujian | quality | camping stove

Product description:

Fuel type: gas Surface treatment: Have
Custom processing: It is Materials: Stainless steel, ceramic
Into the wind: Great model: LJ-7003
height: 90 (mm) specification: Expand: 220mm * 90mm, folded: 73mm * 70mm
Scope: Outdoor picnic Diameter: 220 (mm)

Product real shot chart:

Product details:

Mini design

Three-way foldable stand firm support, acting freely, light and compact, attractive appearance, reflecting the use of the product concept and visual beauty

This product is made of stainless steel cups to do the packaging, this packaging is designed for easy carrying, outdoors and can do the stainless steel cup to drink the cup, too


Green Czech mountaineering stove presentation

1, Product Description

Brand: Green Jie

Model: LJ-7003

specification: Expand Ø 220mm * 90mm, folded Ø 73mm * 70mm

Weight: 140g

Material: stainless steel, ceramic, copper

Power: 3000W

Air consumption: 87g / h

2 Features

1), firepower Meng combustion rate, compared to the normal wind fire force Meng 1.4 times.

2), remote ignition, safe and reliable not avoid detonation.

3), wind effect is very good, you have a basic need in outdoor windshield.

Green Jie infrared burner saving principles:
The use of ordinary gas stove, in fact, nearly half of the gas is wasted, the main gas is wasted there are two reasons:
(1) incomplete combustion, also known as 'chemical heat loss', not burned gas heat is wasted;
(2) is to rely on atmospheric stove flame through convective heat transfer to the bottom of the pot, but the contact with the bottom of the pot of flame just a moment, a lot of heat is not being used to distribute to the space, which is called 'physical heat loss'. So the atmosphere style stove thermal efficiency is usually only 45%, or almost half of the gas is wasted.

Infrared energy-saving stoves that heat loss by reducing the above two to achieve the energy saving effect of:
1, three premix technology, the gas and air in the mixing chamber of the best mixed combustion, reducing the 'chemical heat loss'; greatly improve high flame temperature.
2, the use of radiation technology, the application has a unique infrared radiation function of the special material as a combustion panel to improve the heat radiation intensity greatly reduces the 'physical heat loss', so that the material to be heated up quickly.
3, the use of geometric principles, the kitchen is a concave spherical combustion level, the heat generated during the burning stove gathered around to reduce heat loss, improve the thermal effect rate, shorten the heating time.