Factory outlets | Green Jie 17 Multifunctional Cookware | with Kung Fu Tea | steamed rice to eat | outdoor cooking

Factory outlets | Green Jie 17 Multifunctional Cookware | with Kung Fu Tea | steamed rice to eat | outdoor cooking

Product description:

Specifications: 170 * 95MM Category: Outdoor Cookware Brand: Green Jie
Item No: LJ-9012 Scope: outdoor, camping, recreation, driving Origin: Fujian
Material: Stainless steel

Cookware Name: Green Jie versatile and convenient Cookware T2

model : Lj-9012

price : 62 yuan

weight: 0.76KG
Materials: High consumption of stainless steel

Specifications and configuration: (17 sets)
Cauldron Specifications: 170 * 95MM with a lid (a combination of variable steaming sheet tray) with foldable handle
Pot Size: 150 * 74MM with lid (fine pour nozzle can be used for open water pot) with foldable handle
Steamed piece Specifications: High ` 37MM (1 个)

Rice bowl three specifications : 110 * 40MM with handle

Tea tray: 1
Foldable spoon handle: 80 * 20 MM
Time tea set (covered cup a small cup 3)
Self-cleaning degreasing dish cloth a (bamboo fiber material free of detergent)
A black mesh bag, carton packaging fine.

Functions can be combined: Pot, open water pot, Kung Fu Tea, bailer
Package Size: 18.5*11*18.5
Packing Size: 57*39*40
Qty: 24 sets /


Humanity Design Craftsmanship

Energy efficient value for money (while cooking soup)

Easy collection saving space

Steamer Installation

A: steam cooker and steam column assembly according to FIG way

Two: add water, in proportion with the appropriate water meters (and at home with the rice cooker when cooking, put the same amount of water), a variety of meters of water will be different

Three: wash rice into the steaming pot

Four: Start steaming, press Fig combinations

5: Four two meters in about 15 minutes or so on the familiar (different stoves and different environments vary from cold water to the rice cooked time) while a large pot can cook pot, cook, while also cooking pot

six: Tea pots and pans to use in combination, according to plans set in the cauldron of the tea tray, a combination of tea

product description:

For 3 to 4 people, including a medium pot and a pot, a spoon, a detergent-free self-cleaning cloth, three plastic bowls, a combination of steaming piece tea set time. Using advanced edible stainless steel production, with high thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity quickly and evenly, without side effects (compare aluminum pan), corrosion resistance; surface planed treatment, high temperature, friction both with foldable handle, lid straight buckle nested housed, saving storage space Can the gas stove, cooker directly (aluminum pot cooker can not be used) furnace, etc., convenient and practical;. designed sheath is complete, the combination of multi-purpose, user-friendly, all for your convenience to provide multiple life needed to meet boiled, fried, fried, steamed and other cooking methods. The unique design can be combined into a tea pot use, to better reflect the characteristics of multi-purpose pot, outdoors, move out of a tea set, Zhu Ming sit, sip chat, enjoyable black mesh bag for easy carrying. humane, all for your convenience needed to provide multiple life meet boiled, fried, fried, steamed and other cooking methods. black mesh bag for easy carrying.
Camping preferred, both household

Green Jie stainless steel camping cookware set of advantages:

(1) corrosion resistance, Health: 304 stainless steel is a nationally recognized food-grade stainless steel, according to reports, people excessive intake of aluminum ions can cause a variety of diseases Alzheimer's and other early years before this is WHY universal family. with aluminum containers, and now employs a crucial reason Stainless Steel.
(2) high intensity not easily deformed: Material properties of stainless steel cookware and structural process to ensure that in the case of stainless steel cookware set by external compression of easily deformed, the most suitable use to carry out, while the aluminum pan material properties can not meet these requirements.
(3) easy to clean, and beautiful: 304 without going through the plated surface treatment such as oxidation, and aesthetic characteristics inherent to play with easy to clean stainless steel belonging to the family a lot of dishes are stainless steel, and this is well known when we wash. when stainless steel is not afraid of damaging the surface, and the inner wall of the aluminum pan is not damage the protective layer of aluminum pots no oxide layer can not be used.
(4) Durable: Stainless aluminum material life is far from reach.