Supply | Fujian | High Quality | camping stove

Supply | Fujian | High Quality | camping stove

Product description:

Specifications: 38 * 28cm Scope: outdoor, camping, hiking Category: Outdoor
Brand: Green Jie Item No: LJ-9051 Material: Copper Plastic
Origin: Fujian

Brand: Green Jie

Title: Metal autistic gas conversion head

Origin: Fujian

Size: 38 * 28cm

Weight: 70g

Material: high temperature nylon + copper + Aluminum

Uses: Convert straight gas cans, quality and stability.

Features: With auto-off feature, the connection after a long tank of gas bottles, do not take the stove will not leak gas.

Adapter for standard flat gas tank and long gas tank. Long tank adapted to be transferred to a variety of standard burner use.

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Outdoor can, I can. Green Jie with you hand in hand! With LJ-6001 stove with renderings

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