Travel Tea

Travel Tea

Product description:

Size: 246mm * 207mm * 87mm Category: Travel Tea Brand: Le Green Jie
Item No: LJ-7027 Origin: Fujian Zhangzhou

product details:

You pro shop to recommend this tea is a portable travel tea, the appearance of fine compact. Easy to carry, travel, business, fighting tea essential companion, home furnishings is unique.

This tea jade texture is Dehua porcelain, fine workmanship, delicate texture features, loved by everybody for tea, milk yellow glazed slightly deemed ivory, jade beauty as creamy frozen, in the light shine perspective, porcelain henselae Taizhi was rice and red meat or red translucent teeth, bejeweled look. Dehua, Fujian Province is located in the middle, and Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, Hunan Liling porcelain saying China's three major modern times, is the birthplace of Chinese ceramics culture. Germany South China's ancient kiln famous kilns, kiln because named in Fujian Dehua Dehua porcelain production began in the Neolithic Age, flourished in the Tang and Song, Ming and Qing Sheng, unique skills, has not broken tradition. It has been China's important foreign trade goods, and silk, tea, a world-renowned for porcelain technology dissemination and cultural exchange between China contributed.