Camping stoves

Camping stoves

Product description:

Specifications: after Shoulong 120mm * 88mm * 62mm, expand 185mm * 88mm Category : Camping stove Brand : Le Green Jie
Item No : LJ-6019 Origin: Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province

LJ-6019 infrared furnace mountaineering

First, the product description

1: LJ-6019 outdoor climbing infrared oven to official information

Specifications: folded 120mm * 88mm * 62mm expand Ø185mm * 88mm

Weight : 210g ( net weight)

Material: stainless steel, ceramics, aluminum

Power : 3200W

Second, the product description

1, anti-red fire type LJ-6019 outdoor climbing furnace using infrared burners, combined with real gas preheating technology design, preheat effect is more perfect, more complete combustion of the gas, is the first and most efficient infrared gas furnace .

2, different from the traditional infrared burner stove, it has the following advantages: ① more fully combustion gas flame is more powerful, higher temperatures and more energy-efficient use of time ②, ③ environmental protection compared to other traditional stoves. longer service life .

3, remote ignition more convenient

4, super wind, outdoors basic need windshield .

5, gas province .