Camping outdoor cooking pot / bowl | 1-2 Applicable

Camping outdoor cooking pot / bowl | 1-2 Applicable

Product description:

Weight:: 0.48KG Specifications: 180MM * 92MM Category: Camping pot
Brand: Green Jie Item No: LJ-9011 Material: Stainless steel, plastic
made in China

Brand: Green Jie

Origin: Fujian
Name: Single Cookware
Pot Size: 180x92mm
Weight: 480g


1-2 for use, stainless steel double bottom design, strong and durable. Pot can be placed on a small stove (LJ-7227, LJ-7003 can be) and folding tableware, including a lid, a spoon, two bowls, a hundred clean cloth.

Composite bottom of the pot, durable

The following figure shows the LJ-7227 co firepower kid show images (this does not contain a single pot burner)

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