Green Jie | Camping tableware | PP outdoor bowls | picnic Bowl | camping bowl LJ-cf02

Green Jie | Camping tableware | PP outdoor bowls | picnic Bowl | camping bowl LJ-cf02

Product description:

Weight: 22g Specifications: sized diameter 11CM, bowl diameter 6CM Category: Outdoor cooking
Brand: Green Jie Item No: LJ-cf02 Material: PP
Name: Camping Bowl made in China

Brand: Green Jie

Name: Outdoor Bowl

Material: food grade PP.

Specifications: sized diameter 11CM, bowl diameter 6CM, height 4CM, handle protruding 2CM (bowl capacity is not)

Weight: 22 grams

Advantages Introduction: graceful arc design can be easily overlap bowl and bowl, save space, you can use a separate bowl with cookware or not, than the average household less.


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