J001 11 粒 LED small lantern Black | tent lamp / camp lamp / camping light | 125 克

J001 11 粒 LED small lantern Black | tent lamp / camp lamp / camping light | 125 克

Product description:

Brand: GOREAD Item: - Origin: Zhejiang
outerID: D16100001

Four small lantern / 11LED tent lights, close-up

Very compact portable

Striking the switch, big design, convenient and practical, good press

Close battery compartment, install three AA batteries (Note: Battery buy their own, this product does not contain batteries)

Light source: 11 super bright LED composition

With a hook, you can easily hang the tree

11LED lighting effects

Very nice gift packaging, give it away easily, oh

This product has two kinds of colors, yellow and black, for customer choice

Black quality is very high, yellow more fashionable

Recommended reason):
The new tents lamp, can be put put can be linked, imitation style lamp can be widely used in outdoor camp, the tent, night, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities can also be placed in the home when the night light use, is good tool for travel home. export orders products, there is a need not to miss

(Name): 11LED camp lamp / light tent / camp lamp / lantern

(Height): 16CM (plus portable part)

(Base): 6.5 * 4.5CM

(Bulb): 11 LED light-emitting diode

(Switch): push-button switch

(Power): 3 AA batteries (installed in the bottom of the base) (Note: This product does not contain batteries), three AA batteries can be used up to 20 hours

(Weight approx.): 120 g

(Colour: Black

(Product Features) :
1, LED cold light source, energy efficient, no shelter, not blinking, not hot
2, high brightness white light, beam focus stability, LED lamp by the 11 LED light body composition, life of up to 100,000 hours, lifelong need not consider replacing the lamp.
3, the unique quality PVC plastic, light and strong, switch in the middle, the battery at the bottom.
4. This camp electric lights, smaller than the traditional camp light volume, lighter, easier to carry! And use the 5th battery, than the 2nd battery traditional camp lamp, more convenient! Is your home, camping ! the best choice for a small investment, high cost is particularly affordable Oh! (note: sell lamp does not contain batteries oh)
5, strengthen waterproof design, easy to deal with harsh environment field.