35 g S5 Flashlight CREE Q5 5-speed mode 18650 | genuine | Mini

35 g S5 Flashlight CREE Q5 5-speed mode 18650 | genuine | Mini

Product description:

model: Jin Leiyuan Voltage: 220 (V)
Custom processing: no The main scope of: illumination
Dimensions: 11.5 * 2.3 (mm) Power source: 3 (W)


Baby Description: UltraFire S5

Materials: aluminum shell, high hardness, drop resistance against pressure, waterproof design to ensure that you can use in a variety of adverse circumstances!

Appearance: three plus hard-anodized flat head

Specifications: Length: 11.5CM, outer diameter: 23mm

Switch mode: tail button switch

Water resistance: dual channel waterproof O ring, damping, good waterproof effect.

Lamp: The United States CREE Q5 lamp color temperature at 4500K-6000K color temperature can go up to 250 lumens.

Circuit: with anti-reverse, anti had put function, five-speed dimming: high - medium - low flash -SOS

Shift: power to enter any file, if the duration is less than two seconds on the power, then the next shift after power.

Battery: use 18650

Features: aluminum reflector lamp cup, spot uniformity, high temperature, high brightness sustainable use.

(200 meters visibility, real photos 100 meters) waterproof (rubber ring, design waterproof), lighting, distance, non-

Usually flashlight can be compared.

Uses: hiking, camping, survival, hiking and other sports.