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Authentic | Y6 flashlight CERR MCE T6 Flashlight | stepless zoom | lumens 290g

Authentic | Y6 flashlight CERR MCE T6 Flashlight | stepless zoom | lumens 290g
  • Authentic | Y6 flashlight CERR MCE T6 Flashlight | stepless zoom | lumens 290g
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model: 0022 Voltage: 220 (V)
Custom processing: no The main scope of: Long-range lighting
Dimensions: 20 (mm) Power source: 10 (W)

Y6 flashlight This is our latest product, only the latest imported CREE T6 bulb, with a strong light irradiation, is used T6 bulbs, buyers can be selected according to their actual situation.

Brightness: 500 lumens

Technical Parameters:
(Name) MCE Flashlight Flashlight
(Colour: Black
(Size) 20cm, 22cm stretch
(Light) by the United States CREE MCE bulb;
(Lm) 500 lumens
(Weight) 290g Gift Box
(Battery) Using a 18650 rechargeable lithium battery;
(Material) Imported high-quality aerospace aluminum, CNC machine precision machining, exquisite workmanship;
(Waterproof) sealing, and has a good life waterproof, can use a normal rainy day.
(Switch mode) tail button switch;
(Use) special operational needs (such as inspection, search, site inspection, security, marine first aid, etc.); outdoor activities (hiking, camping, survival, hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.); for the family standing.
(Gift Box) contains a flashlight, two 18650, a dual slot universal charge, a Y6 flashlight dedicated cap, a gift box.

Length: Length 200mm, head diameter 34mm

Product Weight: 290g

Carton size: 49.5 * 43.5 * 27.5

Bulb Type: US imports CREE T6 bulb

  • Bulb:

    Flashlight hook design, easy to carry Optical glass, thick edging: Copper core solid column, high-end configuration

    Lamp life: 100,000 hours or more

    External material: Aluminum

    Whether the water:

    Battery: Use two 18650 rechargeable batteries.

    Set: Y6 flashlight 18650 rechargeable battery + 2 + dual slot universal charge + Y6 flashlight dedicated cap + gift

  • Five-speed dimming: high - medium - low - Baoshan -SOS

    A. light, 50 meters long shots:

    (Lighting mode) tail button switch, 5-speed dimming modes, namely: light - light - low light - Baoshan -SOS (shift method, the thumb tap the tail switch can shift)

Focus Shooting Pictures:


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