Y7 Diamondbacks Flashlight | XML-T6 zoom rechargeable flashlight 170g

Y7 Diamondbacks Flashlight | XML-T6 zoom rechargeable flashlight 170g

Product description:

Brand: Jin Leiyuan Custom processing: no

product manual:

(Set Configuration)

Package A: Single flashlight

Package II: single flashlight +2 18650 battery + double charge.

Package three: a single flashlight +18650 battery + charger + Gift

Package IV: single flashlight +2 18650 battery + Dual Charger + Gift

Tune Jiaochao Liang T6 flashlight using the latest US CREE XM-LT6LED brightness up to 1000 lumens. Life of up to 500,000 hours. Intelligent digital circuit control, the working voltage 4.2-8.4V. 5 stalls. Touch can be switched convenience

Light profile. Working current 3000MA brightness of 1,000 lumens.

Light-speed, current 1800MA brightness of 800 lumens

Low-light gear. Working current 900MA brightness of 200 lumens

Strobe file. 1000 lm /

SOS 1000 lumens file

NC ** grade aluminum alloy case. Anti-fall, wear resistance to corrosion. Military black hard oxidation treatment. Heat. Anti-shedding

Waterproof design, heavy rains in normal use, hiking camping signal search. Prospecting. And other outdoor work, is the preferred night hunting

(Function) is divided into steady mode and flashing mode, the rotary switch to the appropriate gear can be.

(Show details)

(Special Features)

1, - non-contact switches and double waterproof design, excellent design to ensure waterproof flashlight realize the true sense;

The overall design combination chart:

2, imported Seoul warm white LED positive maximum brightness up to 500 lumens, life expectancy of 100,000 hours; focus function is strong:

3, using a 18650 battery, light profile can be used for about 2-3 hours, light gear can be used for about 5-6 hours, low light gear can be used for about 70-80 hours;

4, using efficient light aluminum cup, good floodlight effect.

5, the use of advanced aerospace aluminum 6061-T6, high strength and high transmittance of optical glass lenses, the whole pressure tested the flashlight. 6, the surface of military regulations hard anodizing, never fade, effectively prevent seawater rival power corrosion and oxidation, greatly improving the life of the flashlight;


Our baby will be carefully checked before shipment to make sure to send you baby no problem, but because of the large number of orders daily, it is difficult to be foolproof, but we do not intentionally put the baby in question sent to you, so please close Carefully check after the arrival, there are problems in a timely manner and to contact us, we will promptly deal with, we will try to make you satisfied!

First, 7 days return, replacement:
1. without any quality problems, and are not satisfied with our flashlight, 7 days agreed to return the shop (buyer return postage), returned products must ensure the appearance of no damage, functional, does not affect the secondary sales.
2. the day of receipt, found quality problems and timely feedback (to express the signature date), the seller shipping return!
3. 2-7 days of receipt of goods found quality problems or dissatisfaction, we agree unconditional return policy (buyer return postage).

Second, six months free warranty:

Have any quality problems within six months, I plant maintenance free and does not charge parts fee (except human factors), the buyer bear the return postage;

Third, flashlight lifetime warranty:
Flashlight free lifetime warranty, and the parts do not charge fees (except human factors and LED lights), the buyer bear the return postage.

It is based on the factory strong technical strength and quality assurance, we dare to make a commitment to free lifetime warranty, so you buy the rest assured that with the happy!



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