Rechargeable dual-light Blu-ray fishing lights fishing/fishing lights/lamp 400

Rechargeable dual-light Blu-ray fishing lights fishing/fishing lights/lamp 400

Product description:

Brand: Jin Lei source Item no: 00084 Origin: Ningbo

Name of product: rechargeable dual-light fishing lamp (built-in rechargeable battery, with a full set of accessories)


Don't wait the battery totally exhausted after charging, which will damage the battery. Cannot use!! During use, when the lights are Dim and charging should be carried out promptly!! Non-professionals can not be opened.

Packages can be sent to friends and family, fishing enthusiasts is the best choice!

Effect of irradiation at 40 m floats:

1, using imported figure 1 intelligent dimming circuit chip (a Blu-ray a baiguangbailanguang 1).

Note: black, silver-gray sends random

Length: 14.2cm mm, shaft diameter: 6cm, support full length: 20.5cm, folded length: 14.5cm, weight 400 g.

2, T6-6061 surface hard anodized aircraft aluminum, CNC machining, fine craft, strong and durable.

3, high brightness LED, bi-color light source white Blu-ray free conversion

Not disturbing nests, not amazing fish, especially for fishing for large fish.

4, bulk ternary polymer 18650 lithium battery, can be used repeatedly charge and discharge 500-1000.

5, automatic smart battery charger, ensure the monitoring and protection of battery charge/discharge process the battery and extended battery life.

6, using imported constant current chip, long time lighting, brightness.

Technical parameters

1, imported chips, white 5WLED, life expectancy of not less than 100,000 hours.

2, lighting time (Bai Languang): 8-10 hours

3, chargers: 4.2V 1-1.5A constant current smart charger, and red and green transformation refers to the lamp, red for charging, green for the full.

4 battery: lithium-ion battery 4.2V6000mAh.

5, the use of ambient temperature:-20 ¡æ ~55 ¡æ.

6, smart charging and discharging battery protection circuit automatically.

Instructions for use

1, fish light switch designed for two open and two closed cycles

2, in use do not have to worry about discharging the battery failure, when the battery is about to run out, protection circuit will automatically cut off the power supply.

3, charging, the charger light is red and turns green when the full. When the Green LED light, refillable 1-2 best hour.

To extend battery life.

Pay special attention to

• Use and store should avoid high temperature and high humidity places.

• Do not light eyes, so as to avoid damage due to light is too strong.

• When configuring the car charger car charger for proposals are outfitted with the company's complementary, so as to avoid parameter does not match, cause damage to the lamp

Lighting pictures

80 meter lighting pictures

100 meter lighting pictures