Stickers color plastic flashlight | affordable type of gift flashlight | factory direct foreign trade

Stickers color plastic flashlight | affordable type of gift flashlight | factory direct foreign trade

Product description:

Power Type: Battery Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: No
made in China Source form: LED Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, awards commemorate fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony, public relations planning
Product Category: Flashlight Brand: Jin Leiyuan The number of cartons: 120

Factory direct sales: affordable type of gift flashlight, practical two AA batteries

Buyer Tips

• Each transaction is a valid contract of sale has legal effect, the interests of both parties to the transaction can be guaranteed, please read the following instructions before following orders to buy, once the purchase is the tacit acceptance of the following terms:

• We all goods are the owner after the shelves of carefully selected, have a higher cost. Although the price is not necessarily the lowest, but can guarantee that after your receipt will find the money. If you have only the pursuit of low prices, rather than focus on quality, it is recommended that you re-search at the cheaper the seller. If the receipt due to quality problems can return, you can contact the owner to apply for refunds.

• Upon receipt of your payment information, such as the absence of exceptional circumstances, we guarantee to you within 24 hours of delivery. (We sometimes participate in low-buying activities, shipping thousands of pieces a day. May be delayed. If you Receipt time there is a strong requirement, please contact the owner before payment confirmation.

• The shop all goods pictures assurance are the owner kind shooting, please buyers friend to see the product images, product descriptions for the size, color, etc. and then bid to buy. The reason everyone because computer monitors use different light intensity commodity shooting will produce a certain color.

Owner not flash when shooting merchandise, try to keep the real color of goods if the color demanding, before you confirm payment and the owner. If you are unsure of the size of it, please contact the owner.

• The receipt, please inspect the goods and packaging (seals) intact, in front of the courier unpacking points to close, such as the requirements to sign before the inspection, it can sign in their hands after the AWB, unpacking and correct then to the courier.
As the goods are found deficient, omissions, damage and other phenomena, the clerk of the surface front of the courier timely telephone contact with the owner. If it is commissioned collection, please explain clearly and consignees, because the sign after the default value of this package is no problem , the seller will not be any accountability courier company again so please cooperate if necessary, require the owner of the consignment note: must I sign.

• After receipt of the goods, such goods are not satisfied, please contact the owner, because too many disputes are caused by a misunderstanding. We all goods have to ensure the integrity of the goods do not like, you can apply for 7 days unconditional return. Receiving and commodity description does not match, you can reject the parcel after telephone contact the owner. If quality problems we are responsible to help you returned free of charge. owner as the credibility of life, to reject all without communication Poor! As long as you communicate with us, we will give you a reasonable and satisfactory answer. all without contact to make the difference in assessment, we are regarded as malicious evaluation.'ll press this commodity within the terms of buyers make a complaint. and the buyer blacklisted refused to serve him again. Poor though we do not want to see, but buyers do not want to use the difference in assessment to blackmail the shopkeeper, by supplementing reply channels, we will deal both parties have a clear judgment an unrealistic evaluation, will lead everyone to reviewers ignorant, irrational ridicule.