Monochromatic | Frog Light | Bike Lights | Bike Warning Light | CARD | 50 grams of a 2 installed only

Monochromatic | Frog Light | Bike Lights | Bike Warning Light | CARD | 50 grams of a 2 installed only

Product description:

Brand: Jin Leiyuan Custom processing: no

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Such as blue appearance hair blue, red hair red appearance, and so on, called monochromatic frog lamp, the shell is silicone material. Due to the different colors represent different light colors, each card two mounted 5.3 yuan. Colorful lights are different published have made colorful light, colorful lights 5.8 yuan per card

Price is single price, single only 2.65 yuan, because we installed a card is two, so do not buy another separate

2010 new frog lamp, after six months of design and development and finally the grand launch.

Advantages of the new frog lamp: shell thicker, more resilient, added a light shell, there is converging role holders are closer than a generation, as well as the brightness of the lights, light a lot

feature of product:

1, light color breakthrough

2, modeling a more prominent theme of frog eye, big eyes staring like a frog;

3, the installation of a transparent acrylic shade, protected from light bulbs and credit to the role, bringing a brighter and safer lighting in the evening for you out of the bus;

4, equipped with a 2032 coin cell battery comes standard with two lamp brightness can be comparable to non-older.

5, two kinds of flashing mode, followed by pressing the switch to flash - steady - close

6, light body shell for high-quality silicone material. Difficult to pull off. Lampholder circuit board design is a double check, really real materials.

Price for the price of two single buy without packaging. And not a good match.

Installation location flexible, can be installed in: handlebar / fork / helmet (as the helmet shape) / seat tube / tail bag / backpack / rear forks / axle (hub) on the bus bar (when Catherine Wheel) / finger (Night hiking and other!) want to ruffle dress ruffle dress fully utilize the power of your imagination!

Now help your car add new equipment, make your car debut, becoming the highest retention rates of riding pioneer. The following is a look at the colorful light color

Light body coat jacket small transparent silicone material. Very nice outer elongated body extending up to 13CM.. The natural state 9CM. Basic can be attached to the smallest set maximum 1.8CM- about 4.5CM (cylinder diameter or not Rule body ...)

Each 50 g .. product each containing 240 cards, Carton size: 54.5 * 36 * 51 Gross Weight: 12/13 kg